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Monday, March 28, 2011

Recent events

Alright I promised that I'd blog about the recent events that happened at work. For some particular reason my boss was telling the Myanmar guy the difference between the guy's and girl's toilet. We use Malay with him, so essentially 'perempuan' means girl and 'lelaki' means boy, but he didn't know these two words, so we thought of all kinds of ways to explain to him the difference between 'lelaki' and 'perempuan'. We even got to the point where we were pointing at boobs and penises, but in the end he had to go home and ask his friends. =_=

I've been seeing a lot of topless Ramesh these days. Not on purpose, but he has a habit of undressing before going into the bathroom. And on one particular day Vinh was running out from the kitchen topless to the toilet for I-dunno-what. Ramesh is more of muscle + baby fat, Vinh is lean muscle.

Anyway, I thought I'd update my skin-care regimen here. The last time I posted about my skin-care regimen was the time I was using nothing but warm and cold water to wash my face, exfoliating every now and then. I got this tip from Ushishi's post. Supposedly all the cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc are chemicals and they mess with the pH balance of your skin. So using warm water first to soften the pores (not open) and clean out the dirt etc, then rinse with cold so that the pores harden up again. I'd then use tea tree oil for blemishes.

I followed that regimen for around a month before going for a facial treat. Compared to when I was 14, my skin has improved tremendously. When I was 14, the extraction process took up a lot of time as my pores were packed with crap; that particular facial around a year ago made me realize that taking care of your skin does pay off - the extraction process was under 5 minutes, and there weren't many 'things' to get out of my skin.

So then I was put on this regimen - cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize, eye cream. Supposedly tea tree oil works well with blemishes, but it dries out the skin (according to my mum's friend anyway). She introduced some Bioelements products from USA and I really love the moisturizer. *forgot the name*

A few days ago I watched one of Petrilude's videos on skincare. After that I've revamped my skincare routine. Previously I'd do the bare basics - cleanse, tone, moisturize, eye cream. I'd swap the cleanser for a tea tree blackhead exfoliate (TheBodyShop) every alternate day.

Now I double cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning and night, adding eye gel to the night part. And just before I sleep a touch of tea tree oil to the blemishes~ Here's exactly what I use:

  • L'Occitane Foaming Rice Cleanser for first cleanse
  • Swap between L'Occitane Foaming Rice Cleanser and TheBodyShop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash on alternate days on the second wash
  • Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner
  • TheBodyShop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
  • SK-II Advanced Eye Treatment Film
  • TheBodyShop Tea Tree Oil
  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as lip care before sleep

On days that I wear makeup in the day or just have to walk under the sun, I slab on some sunscreen (Biotherm something something =P) and some fine powder (Pigeon Pressed Powder in Beige) to mattify the post-sunscreen, oily-looking skin.

I'm totally obsessed with TheBodyShop and tea tree products right now. TheBodyShop does not export to China as products that go into China must go through animal testing. And I find that their products are very ... nature-friendly in a way, and it's more economical than brands like SK-II, Laneige, etc. My mum went through 'brand stages' - first Dermalogica, then Biotherm, then L'Occitane. Right now she's still in the L'Occitane stage, but she still purchases from Dermalogica every now and then. Visits to the Biotherm counter in Jusco Mid Valley was a must every time we went there, but we rarely go near the place now.

I'm still in search of a really good concealer and a proper foundation, preferably liquid. I can't do dramatic dark looks without ending up looking like a zombie. =P

*  *  *

If you're an active YouTuber and/or Xiaxue/Ray William Johnson/Michelle Phan follower, then you'd know the whole Peter Coffin-Kimi Kobayashi thing which is all the rage on the net. Peter Coffin is a YouTuber who does mostly parodies and was recently slamming Xiaxue on Twitter. Xiaxue did research on both Peter Coffin and Kimi Kobayashi (supposedly Peter's Japanese girlfriend) and found suspicious stuff. After posting about Peter Coffin stealing pictures from a Korean ulzzang's website and using it as Kimi Kobayashi and creating this Kimi character as his girlfriend, Peter supposedly wrote a legal email to Xiaxue, but real lawyers have proven this email to be suspicious as well.

I would think that if a guy were to quit his permanent job (whatever it is) to be a full-time YouTuber, then he ought to be spending time making videos instead of making up a fake girlfriend. Oh, and slamming on intelligent and significantly more popular people (women) like Xiaxue. I'd actually aspire to become Xiaxue, though sans the Barbie-like style. I love her self-confidence, talent and courage. Self-confidence by not taking much of others' criticism to mind and doing her thing. She's a meffing talented blogger. And her courage to speak her mind. Every girl should be Xiaxue in some aspect. She's an amazing girl. XD

Next time I go to Singapore I gotta keep my eyes peeled so I could get a photo with her if I ever see her on the street (if I have the guts by then =X).

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