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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A few facts about me

Name: Chean
Alias: Kellie / Yukari
Horoscope: Libra (19/10)
Zodiac: Rooster
Studied at: SJK(C) Kwong Hon, Sungai Besi & SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling
Working at: Taiwan DAMI, No. 147, Jalan Radin Bagus, Seri Petaling
Status: in a loving relationship as of 5th January 2011
Occupation: a waitress who's waiting for her future-determining results

I like ...
Zaru soba, quiche, etc. I usually opt for the calorie-heavy stuff.

Usually soy milk or coffee, but recently I found a love for yam milk tea.

JIGOKU SHOUJO!!! I also watch other anime, but not as obsessed.

Uh, I actually listen to all kinds, but heavy rock appeals more to me, as well as songs sung with powerful vocals.

I exceptionally admire musicians who not only perform, but compose, write lyrics and play multiple instruments. People like Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, etc.

I read more novels than manga, but the novels I read are more of Twilight and Harry Potter, the only classic I've finished reading is the Count of Monte Cristo, and I didn't understand around 75% of the book.

Uhm... I would say each author has their own style of writing and different styles appeal to different people.

I watch most movies as well, from comedies to musicals, but I don't really like war movies and some action movies like Die Hard or Rocky. I enjoy movies based on the storyline more significantly than the effects, stunts and script. I love Disney movies like The Emperor's New Groove, and super-controversial spoof-ish movies like History of the World.

I like Milla Jovovich, 'cause she's bloody talented as an actress, a fashion designer and a model. My all time favorite actor is Johnny Depp - he's just so bloody talented!!!

I used to be the girly emo type - black, but still feminine enough. As I've grown more mature, I still stick mostly to black, but I find myself opting more for brighter, more feminine colors like pink and white. I also love purple as one of the characters in my Chinese name means 'purple'.

I have 3 pairs of jeans and I alternate between those every time I go out, matched with different tops. Knowing full well I sweat like a pig, I still usually opt for long-sleeved tops. In general, I have a more mature taste in clothes, and I love to make a statement.

Bracelets, anklets, rings, necklaces and earrings. I don't really like bangles. I especially like sparkling pieces, so I would usually go for the stainless steel, silver and metal jewelry in general, rather than wearing colorful plastic/wood pieces.

I tend to focus more on the skin and eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and it's usually the eyes that expresses all the emotion. I've a rather basic makeup kit, but I lack brushes, a proper concealer and foundation and a good mirror. I'd usually do darker colors for the eyes, trying all the time to achieve those sexy and sultry eyes.

Usually girls play with dolls, with a fantasy of the life of a supermodel and with a small doll house. My childhood omitted the dolls, replaced with board and card games. I enjoyed UNO (and still do) and board games like Monopoly and the Game of Life.

Video games~
I seldom played video games, my life was usually filled with dramas and movies from different countries. It was only these recent years that I started to actually play video RPG games like Final Fantasy X & X-2 and Harvest Moon; and also racing games like NFSMW.

Online games~
My first ever real online game (excluding those from Popcap, Miniclip and Gamehouse) was GunBound. Even after training for so many years, I'm still a noob. I also played o2Jam, Audition SEA, STEPS and Maple Story. I've more or less permanently quit online games.

I've never really been a sports person, which is the main reason why I've really poor cardiovascular and muscular strength, and also the reason why I've been overweight for most of my life. My dad is a real badminton and table tennis fanatic, my sis was on the school basketball team before, my uncle is a huge fan of tennis and swimming, which is the reason why the only sports I touched were these few only.

I spend a lot of time watching TV programmes than anything else, but I absolutely love reading, writing, listening to music and doing puzzle games like simple crosswords, word finds and sudoku.

Some other random facts:
~ I used to be an introvert/egoist who would wait for strangers to approach rather than the other way around, but I'm more open-minded now. =)

~ I have practically the foulest temper you've ever seen, but I'm learning to control my emotions now that I'm working as a waitress and we charge for service.

~ My jean size has reduced from XL to L and hopefully M in the span of 5 years, unfortunately my cup size has followed suit in size reduction.

~ I've been painting my nails since I was five, and I love practically all colors but red.

~ I've an obsession with my brows and nails. I constantly look forward to trimming and pretty-fying them.

~ I got my first mobile when I was 13, a hand-me-down Nokia 2100. I then got my 2nd phone as a gift from my aunt, BenQ-Siemens EF51 (great phone for music, but not durable). My third phone I bought myself, a well-known China brand, OPPO A105K. My fourth phone is one of my dad's old Nokias which looks like the N-Gage. I'm opting to buy a new phone - Nokia C6-00.

~ I made my first e-mail address when I was 10 years old, on a website based in China - I then made another one on MSN, then my OCD kicked in and I got a Yahoo account. In a computer literacy class when I was 13, our "teacher" introduced me to Gmail, which is by far my favorite to date.

~ I went job-hunting just because every one else was working but ended up working in a place where I actually like working in despite the hard work.

~ I've never had a lot of friends throughout the years as I was a bloody smart-mouthed brat. I learned to adapt and make certain changes to myself in my desperation to fit in.

~ I enjoy very trivial things like making paper stars and cleaning stuff (though I very seldom do until recently). My current obsession is long-straw making. Basically you take a pack of bubble tea straws, find three that fit each other snugly enough end to end, then cut it into the proper length, what's left will be fit onto another straw. Repeated until the pack is finished.

~ I was very conservative with food and people in the past. I didn't dare meet new people or try new food. After I started working, though, I was more adventurous with food and more open with people. I found myself liking things that I would never have imagined myself liking before, such as preserved cucumber and yam milk tea.

~ I tend to be rather competitive and "territorial" at times as life with two sisters that are loved more than my mum compared to me is a little tough. I'm usually at the losing end of the scale, my older sister being what older sisters are like, and the younger one being constantly sided.

~ I absolutely hate creepy crawlies except for spiders and ants (though ants these days have a really awful chemical-ish smell). I won't ever understand why cockroaches exist and yet are the only organism that has been able to last for over a million years.

~ I like the smells of medicated stuff like Chinese medicated oils, ointments and essential oils like tea tree oil.

~ Tea tree oil is my fave thing. Known to be an antiseptic, I've used it on my piercings (a new one practically every year) and recently blemishes, and it really works. The methol-like feeling is a plus.

~ Among us three sisters, I'm by far the shortest, at least not for now. The older sister being a basketball player is at a height of 172cm, my younger sister is 13 and she's around an inch shorter than me. So I usually opt for the sky-high heels.

~ I tend to go for the sexy style despite having a far-from-sexy body. Chunky calves, thunder thighs and a tummy worthy of a 4-month-pregnant woman? Please.

~ I love filling forms. It's just a trivial thing I do. My aunt who lives in Japan subscribes to the National Geographic magazine, and in every issue there is a small order form attached to a yellow envelope. My aunt used to bring some issues back and I'd tear out all the forms, fill every thing and complete all the steps up to sealing the envelope, and then it goes into the trash.

~ I enjoy doing mise en place - the preparation before the actual cooking - rather than cooking itself.

~ My first pair of leather boots were rendered useless after around a year of owning them. Location? Beijing, China. It was our first time to China, and me being goddamn naive I wore boots there, not bringing along my sneakers as it would take up luggage space. I regretted doing that - for around 1 and a half days of walking in boots, my feet felt terrible. In that period of time, we walked a bit around a mall, went to the Great Wall, visited the Ming 13 Tombs, took the subway to Wangfujin for dinner before finally stopping at a Li-Ning store and getting a pair of RMB339 sport shoes.

~ I used to be a bed-wetter until I was around 12. It didn't stop completely, but it slowly came to a stop, with small "accidents" every now and then. I'm happy to say that it doesn't happen anymore, even if I down a liter carton of milk just before sleep!

~ I'm obsessed with lyrics and certain parts of the script of a movie. My voice has been special ever since I was a kid (though nothing close to real singers or fairytale-like small town girl with the big voice) and I love the feeling of success when I finish singing a song word for word. Memorable parts of script like the part where Kuzco was mistakenly transformed into a llama and the following argument between Yzma and Kronk are some parts of script that I can actually recite.

~ My pride and joy is being able to speak multiple languages with acceptable fluency (my Mandarin has improved recently). I was the kid who was good with languages, picking up pronunciations and accents quickly.

~ Writing and typing are among my hobbies, and I pride myself in being able to touch-type at a decent speed and write beautifully (compared to some people around me anyway).

~ My clothe size is generally M, shoe size is 7 / 40, and bra size 37/78B.

~ Trying to live with the concept 'nobody is perfect' is a little bit of a challenge for me since there are so many seemingly-perfect prototypes all over the media.

~ In my opinion, guys (straight or gay) who knows their makeup are a step above average guys.

~ I find mass slaughtering of chickens, cows and pigs for food is cruel, but I just can't live a day with at least SOME meat.

~ I prefer black pepper sauce to mushroom sauce.

~ I like spicy stuff, but I don't like the taste of chili.

~ For pasta, I prefer creamy sauces as opposed to tomato-based and olive oil-based sauces.

~ I would prefer noodles to rice on most days.

~ I'm almost the only one in the family who is remembers actors in Hong Kong dramas, American and British movies by name, face and work.

~ I'd really like to say I'm proud to be a Malaysian, but unfortunately I'm not. the government is constantly debating over petty and trivial matters when more serious issues are getting more and more out of hand. Some would think that living is such a multi-cultural, -racial and -religious country would just cross out all the racism, but in some cases it's worse than other countries.

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