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Monday, March 7, 2011

The end of ...

Work. Yup, I've officially told my boss that I would like to stop work on the 11th (which means the 11th would be the last day). I'm so gonna miss the whole crew there, particularly Tinh, Rames (pronounced 'Ramesh' in Nepalese, but he prefers Raymond XD) and Vinh. ><

It's like any other kinda situation - you mix around with people for long, and you get close. They're definitely a few of my lifelong friends from now on. Previously I never thought that I'd work with foreigners, let alone with 6 of them, and become friends (I see Sao less as he's always out of sight, but he's nice XD).

* * *

I'm not gonna start that whole process again, am I? I'm really afraid that I am, for now all I can do is resist it. But how long can this last? Maybe it's like what they say - there are ups and downs, and this is just one of the downs. I just gotta hang on.

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