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Monday, March 28, 2011

Recent events

Alright I promised that I'd blog about the recent events that happened at work. For some particular reason my boss was telling the Myanmar guy the difference between the guy's and girl's toilet. We use Malay with him, so essentially 'perempuan' means girl and 'lelaki' means boy, but he didn't know these two words, so we thought of all kinds of ways to explain to him the difference between 'lelaki' and 'perempuan'. We even got to the point where we were pointing at boobs and penises, but in the end he had to go home and ask his friends. =_=

I've been seeing a lot of topless Ramesh these days. Not on purpose, but he has a habit of undressing before going into the bathroom. And on one particular day Vinh was running out from the kitchen topless to the toilet for I-dunno-what. Ramesh is more of muscle + baby fat, Vinh is lean muscle.

Anyway, I thought I'd update my skin-care regimen here. The last time I posted about my skin-care regimen was the time I was using nothing but warm and cold water to wash my face, exfoliating every now and then. I got this tip from Ushishi's post. Supposedly all the cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc are chemicals and they mess with the pH balance of your skin. So using warm water first to soften the pores (not open) and clean out the dirt etc, then rinse with cold so that the pores harden up again. I'd then use tea tree oil for blemishes.

I followed that regimen for around a month before going for a facial treat. Compared to when I was 14, my skin has improved tremendously. When I was 14, the extraction process took up a lot of time as my pores were packed with crap; that particular facial around a year ago made me realize that taking care of your skin does pay off - the extraction process was under 5 minutes, and there weren't many 'things' to get out of my skin.

So then I was put on this regimen - cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize, eye cream. Supposedly tea tree oil works well with blemishes, but it dries out the skin (according to my mum's friend anyway). She introduced some Bioelements products from USA and I really love the moisturizer. *forgot the name*

A few days ago I watched one of Petrilude's videos on skincare. After that I've revamped my skincare routine. Previously I'd do the bare basics - cleanse, tone, moisturize, eye cream. I'd swap the cleanser for a tea tree blackhead exfoliate (TheBodyShop) every alternate day.

Now I double cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning and night, adding eye gel to the night part. And just before I sleep a touch of tea tree oil to the blemishes~ Here's exactly what I use:

  • L'Occitane Foaming Rice Cleanser for first cleanse
  • Swap between L'Occitane Foaming Rice Cleanser and TheBodyShop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash on alternate days on the second wash
  • Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner
  • TheBodyShop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
  • SK-II Advanced Eye Treatment Film
  • TheBodyShop Tea Tree Oil
  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as lip care before sleep

On days that I wear makeup in the day or just have to walk under the sun, I slab on some sunscreen (Biotherm something something =P) and some fine powder (Pigeon Pressed Powder in Beige) to mattify the post-sunscreen, oily-looking skin.

I'm totally obsessed with TheBodyShop and tea tree products right now. TheBodyShop does not export to China as products that go into China must go through animal testing. And I find that their products are very ... nature-friendly in a way, and it's more economical than brands like SK-II, Laneige, etc. My mum went through 'brand stages' - first Dermalogica, then Biotherm, then L'Occitane. Right now she's still in the L'Occitane stage, but she still purchases from Dermalogica every now and then. Visits to the Biotherm counter in Jusco Mid Valley was a must every time we went there, but we rarely go near the place now.

I'm still in search of a really good concealer and a proper foundation, preferably liquid. I can't do dramatic dark looks without ending up looking like a zombie. =P

*  *  *

If you're an active YouTuber and/or Xiaxue/Ray William Johnson/Michelle Phan follower, then you'd know the whole Peter Coffin-Kimi Kobayashi thing which is all the rage on the net. Peter Coffin is a YouTuber who does mostly parodies and was recently slamming Xiaxue on Twitter. Xiaxue did research on both Peter Coffin and Kimi Kobayashi (supposedly Peter's Japanese girlfriend) and found suspicious stuff. After posting about Peter Coffin stealing pictures from a Korean ulzzang's website and using it as Kimi Kobayashi and creating this Kimi character as his girlfriend, Peter supposedly wrote a legal email to Xiaxue, but real lawyers have proven this email to be suspicious as well.

I would think that if a guy were to quit his permanent job (whatever it is) to be a full-time YouTuber, then he ought to be spending time making videos instead of making up a fake girlfriend. Oh, and slamming on intelligent and significantly more popular people (women) like Xiaxue. I'd actually aspire to become Xiaxue, though sans the Barbie-like style. I love her self-confidence, talent and courage. Self-confidence by not taking much of others' criticism to mind and doing her thing. She's a meffing talented blogger. And her courage to speak her mind. Every girl should be Xiaxue in some aspect. She's an amazing girl. XD

Next time I go to Singapore I gotta keep my eyes peeled so I could get a photo with her if I ever see her on the street (if I have the guts by then =X).

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busy as a bee

God I haven't heard that since primary school when we learned all these. Anyway it's been busy lately, I've been working late (though I don't think I'm being paid overtime) and most of the time switching on the PC would end up having me sleeping at 4am or later.

Lot's of stuff has been going on at work, some really funny, some would make you wanna rip someone's head off. I'll post about that later, so look out for a really long post. I don't think I'll be sleeping early tonight, though. There are lots of new vids on YouTube. =P

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Death awaits

... especially when you're due to get those life-changing results from that year-end test that will determine your future. And these are the results that parents would usually be EXTREMELY sensitive about. I got my SPM results today, along with all my fellow 2010 Form 5 students in Malaysia. Here are my results:

  • Bahasa Melayu (Malay language) - B
  • Bahasa Inggeris (English language) - A+
  • Pendidikan Moral - C+
  • Sejarah (History) - D
  • Matematik (Maths) - A
  • Physics - C+
  • Chemistry - C
  • Biology - C
  • Bahasa Cina (Chinese language) - C+

I would think that this would be good enough since what I expected was that I would fail Moral, History, the three Science subjects and Chinese altogether, but I did pretty well on my terms. But usually what you think is good isn't always good enough for some parents. They'd say that they're so disappointed in you for bringing back such bad results.

Not that I don't wanna be grateful for all the years of patience and hard work bringing me up, teaching me and putting me through school and life, but what happened to encouragement? I wish I had those parents who would say 'Good job! At least you know that you've done your best.', with a smile on their face. My mum is a person who would ask you practically the hardest question you've been asked in your life - 'Are you happy with your results?'

I'm so goddamn happy with my results! I didn't fail a single subject, which is way past my expectations! I was dying to say 'Yes I'm happy with my results', but I had to lie through my fucking teeth that I wasn't. How the hell do you answer such a goddamn rhetorical question like that, anyway?!

For once I cried for something else other than my dog. I cried all through 15 minutes of my bath. The only thing keeping me from what I usually did was my dear. Usually under these emotionally excruciating moments, my fingertips would just naturally curl over one part of my body, and I'll end up leaving marks on either my arms or legs.

It's like my mum wants me to be the 'perfect daughter', since she has the 'spoiled daughter' and the 'lovable daughter'. The 'perfect daughter' with the best emotional strength, the best logic capability and the best educational results. The other two can spend the rest of their life doing anything they want and I have to be stuck with doing what she wants me to do.

It's like I have no say in my life - I say I'd like this, then they would say that the exact opposite would be better. And when someone doesn't get what they want, they wouldn't be happy about it, and I would get a good scolding for 'showing a long face' and 'spoiling her day'. Even for my education, I wanted to go to IACT, I could take public transport, but nooo she had to have me go to Taylor's. Why? Because her other daughter is studying there and "it's a school with prestige".

I couldn't even choose my own course! Initially I wanted to study makeup, my mum widened it to aesthetics, then my dad said to choose something else and I chose mass communication, and now my mum's not happy with my choice. WHAT THE HELL DO I HAVE TO DO TO MAKE YOU HAPPY??!!

My life literally revolves around you - every time I go out, every thing I do, every person I meet. I have to get your consent first. You say I'm not street smart and not good with people, but knowledge of those two takes practical experience. Practically 24/7 365 days a year I'm locked in the house excluding school and work. I'm not allowed out with friends unless I come home at a certain time and/or there is a sufficient number of people going.

I'm not allowed to take public transport and I'm not allowed to go to the city center. What life is this? Let me tell you this, the harder you try to suppress, the more the opposing force with rebel, it just depends on whether you know it or not. My first date was at the place you hated most - Berjaya Times Square. And I had a blast of a time.

Sometimes I really hate you. Sometimes I just wished I could just pack up and leave. Sometimes I wished I was never born in the first place. Sometimes I wished I had the courage to end my life. Other times I just blame God and all other natural forces that exist in the world for my life.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


the art of KISSING

Your lips have about a hundred times as many nerve endings as you fingertips. This explains why things can quickly get hot and heavy after a particularly good kiss!

Centuries ago, contracts were signed with an'X' and then the document was kissed, as a pledge of honor. This is why, today, the single, double or triple 'X' denotes a kiss or multiple kisses.

It turns out that kissing isn't just about intimacy and romance. If you're trying to lost weight, smooch more. It is widely agreed that a 60 second kiss burns about 26 calories.

Kissing is so popular that an entire branch of study is dedicated to it. The science of kissing is known as philematology.

Ladies who agonize over the finer points of their kissing technique can heave a sigh of relief. Surverys show that men aren't easily put off by a bad kiss. In fact, a man is more than twice as likely to do the deed with a bad kisser, compared to a woman.

Even your teeth could benefit from regular kissing. The anticipation of a kiss increases the production of saliva in the mouth which can help your pearly whites stay clean.

some facts of kissing~

Couples may transfer an average of 9mg of water, 0.7mg of protein, 0.18mg of organic matter, 0.71mg of fat and 0.45mg of salt with each kiss.

The average person spends 20, 160 minutes kissing in their lifetimes.

A French kiss moves about 29 muscles in the face.

different types of KISSES

FRENCH KISS The soulful kiss that is deep and penetrating. Both tongues touch, tease and explore each other.

CHEEK KISS Your partner gently and quickly grazes his lips on your cheek. This suggests that he digs you.

ANGEL KISS A very tender was to say 'I love you' by kissing the eyelids of your loved one.

CHILL KISS Send a shiver of delight by popping an ice cute into your mouth and proceed to kiss your partner deeply, while passing the ice into his mouth.

HICKEY KISS Leave your mark of love by gently sucking on your partner's body part till the blood is drawn to the skin's surface.

NIP KISS While kissing, nibble your partner's lips gently. Do it ever so gently to send your partner into convulsions.

NAPE KISS Your partner approaches you from behind, pushes your hair and plants a deep satisfying kiss on the nape of your neck.

EARLOBE KISS Gently bite and suck on his earlobes. And try not to clean his ear canals in the process.

FOOT KISS Get your man to worship the ground you walk on by kissing and lightly sucking your toes. continue massaging the arch of the foot while doing so.

DISCLAIMER: All text and content are not owned or created by me in any way. Rights remain with Gorgeous magazine, Malaysia.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A few facts about me

Name: Chean
Alias: Kellie / Yukari
Horoscope: Libra (19/10)
Zodiac: Rooster
Studied at: SJK(C) Kwong Hon, Sungai Besi & SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling
Working at: Taiwan DAMI, No. 147, Jalan Radin Bagus, Seri Petaling
Status: in a loving relationship as of 5th January 2011
Occupation: a waitress who's waiting for her future-determining results

I like ...
Zaru soba, quiche, etc. I usually opt for the calorie-heavy stuff.

Usually soy milk or coffee, but recently I found a love for yam milk tea.

JIGOKU SHOUJO!!! I also watch other anime, but not as obsessed.

Uh, I actually listen to all kinds, but heavy rock appeals more to me, as well as songs sung with powerful vocals.

I exceptionally admire musicians who not only perform, but compose, write lyrics and play multiple instruments. People like Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, etc.

I read more novels than manga, but the novels I read are more of Twilight and Harry Potter, the only classic I've finished reading is the Count of Monte Cristo, and I didn't understand around 75% of the book.

Uhm... I would say each author has their own style of writing and different styles appeal to different people.

I watch most movies as well, from comedies to musicals, but I don't really like war movies and some action movies like Die Hard or Rocky. I enjoy movies based on the storyline more significantly than the effects, stunts and script. I love Disney movies like The Emperor's New Groove, and super-controversial spoof-ish movies like History of the World.

I like Milla Jovovich, 'cause she's bloody talented as an actress, a fashion designer and a model. My all time favorite actor is Johnny Depp - he's just so bloody talented!!!

I used to be the girly emo type - black, but still feminine enough. As I've grown more mature, I still stick mostly to black, but I find myself opting more for brighter, more feminine colors like pink and white. I also love purple as one of the characters in my Chinese name means 'purple'.

I have 3 pairs of jeans and I alternate between those every time I go out, matched with different tops. Knowing full well I sweat like a pig, I still usually opt for long-sleeved tops. In general, I have a more mature taste in clothes, and I love to make a statement.

Bracelets, anklets, rings, necklaces and earrings. I don't really like bangles. I especially like sparkling pieces, so I would usually go for the stainless steel, silver and metal jewelry in general, rather than wearing colorful plastic/wood pieces.

I tend to focus more on the skin and eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and it's usually the eyes that expresses all the emotion. I've a rather basic makeup kit, but I lack brushes, a proper concealer and foundation and a good mirror. I'd usually do darker colors for the eyes, trying all the time to achieve those sexy and sultry eyes.

Usually girls play with dolls, with a fantasy of the life of a supermodel and with a small doll house. My childhood omitted the dolls, replaced with board and card games. I enjoyed UNO (and still do) and board games like Monopoly and the Game of Life.

Video games~
I seldom played video games, my life was usually filled with dramas and movies from different countries. It was only these recent years that I started to actually play video RPG games like Final Fantasy X & X-2 and Harvest Moon; and also racing games like NFSMW.

Online games~
My first ever real online game (excluding those from Popcap, Miniclip and Gamehouse) was GunBound. Even after training for so many years, I'm still a noob. I also played o2Jam, Audition SEA, STEPS and Maple Story. I've more or less permanently quit online games.

I've never really been a sports person, which is the main reason why I've really poor cardiovascular and muscular strength, and also the reason why I've been overweight for most of my life. My dad is a real badminton and table tennis fanatic, my sis was on the school basketball team before, my uncle is a huge fan of tennis and swimming, which is the reason why the only sports I touched were these few only.

I spend a lot of time watching TV programmes than anything else, but I absolutely love reading, writing, listening to music and doing puzzle games like simple crosswords, word finds and sudoku.

Some other random facts:
~ I used to be an introvert/egoist who would wait for strangers to approach rather than the other way around, but I'm more open-minded now. =)

~ I have practically the foulest temper you've ever seen, but I'm learning to control my emotions now that I'm working as a waitress and we charge for service.

~ My jean size has reduced from XL to L and hopefully M in the span of 5 years, unfortunately my cup size has followed suit in size reduction.

~ I've been painting my nails since I was five, and I love practically all colors but red.

~ I've an obsession with my brows and nails. I constantly look forward to trimming and pretty-fying them.

~ I got my first mobile when I was 13, a hand-me-down Nokia 2100. I then got my 2nd phone as a gift from my aunt, BenQ-Siemens EF51 (great phone for music, but not durable). My third phone I bought myself, a well-known China brand, OPPO A105K. My fourth phone is one of my dad's old Nokias which looks like the N-Gage. I'm opting to buy a new phone - Nokia C6-00.

~ I made my first e-mail address when I was 10 years old, on a website based in China - I then made another one on MSN, then my OCD kicked in and I got a Yahoo account. In a computer literacy class when I was 13, our "teacher" introduced me to Gmail, which is by far my favorite to date.

~ I went job-hunting just because every one else was working but ended up working in a place where I actually like working in despite the hard work.

~ I've never had a lot of friends throughout the years as I was a bloody smart-mouthed brat. I learned to adapt and make certain changes to myself in my desperation to fit in.

~ I enjoy very trivial things like making paper stars and cleaning stuff (though I very seldom do until recently). My current obsession is long-straw making. Basically you take a pack of bubble tea straws, find three that fit each other snugly enough end to end, then cut it into the proper length, what's left will be fit onto another straw. Repeated until the pack is finished.

~ I was very conservative with food and people in the past. I didn't dare meet new people or try new food. After I started working, though, I was more adventurous with food and more open with people. I found myself liking things that I would never have imagined myself liking before, such as preserved cucumber and yam milk tea.

~ I tend to be rather competitive and "territorial" at times as life with two sisters that are loved more than my mum compared to me is a little tough. I'm usually at the losing end of the scale, my older sister being what older sisters are like, and the younger one being constantly sided.

~ I absolutely hate creepy crawlies except for spiders and ants (though ants these days have a really awful chemical-ish smell). I won't ever understand why cockroaches exist and yet are the only organism that has been able to last for over a million years.

~ I like the smells of medicated stuff like Chinese medicated oils, ointments and essential oils like tea tree oil.

~ Tea tree oil is my fave thing. Known to be an antiseptic, I've used it on my piercings (a new one practically every year) and recently blemishes, and it really works. The methol-like feeling is a plus.

~ Among us three sisters, I'm by far the shortest, at least not for now. The older sister being a basketball player is at a height of 172cm, my younger sister is 13 and she's around an inch shorter than me. So I usually opt for the sky-high heels.

~ I tend to go for the sexy style despite having a far-from-sexy body. Chunky calves, thunder thighs and a tummy worthy of a 4-month-pregnant woman? Please.

~ I love filling forms. It's just a trivial thing I do. My aunt who lives in Japan subscribes to the National Geographic magazine, and in every issue there is a small order form attached to a yellow envelope. My aunt used to bring some issues back and I'd tear out all the forms, fill every thing and complete all the steps up to sealing the envelope, and then it goes into the trash.

~ I enjoy doing mise en place - the preparation before the actual cooking - rather than cooking itself.

~ My first pair of leather boots were rendered useless after around a year of owning them. Location? Beijing, China. It was our first time to China, and me being goddamn naive I wore boots there, not bringing along my sneakers as it would take up luggage space. I regretted doing that - for around 1 and a half days of walking in boots, my feet felt terrible. In that period of time, we walked a bit around a mall, went to the Great Wall, visited the Ming 13 Tombs, took the subway to Wangfujin for dinner before finally stopping at a Li-Ning store and getting a pair of RMB339 sport shoes.

~ I used to be a bed-wetter until I was around 12. It didn't stop completely, but it slowly came to a stop, with small "accidents" every now and then. I'm happy to say that it doesn't happen anymore, even if I down a liter carton of milk just before sleep!

~ I'm obsessed with lyrics and certain parts of the script of a movie. My voice has been special ever since I was a kid (though nothing close to real singers or fairytale-like small town girl with the big voice) and I love the feeling of success when I finish singing a song word for word. Memorable parts of script like the part where Kuzco was mistakenly transformed into a llama and the following argument between Yzma and Kronk are some parts of script that I can actually recite.

~ My pride and joy is being able to speak multiple languages with acceptable fluency (my Mandarin has improved recently). I was the kid who was good with languages, picking up pronunciations and accents quickly.

~ Writing and typing are among my hobbies, and I pride myself in being able to touch-type at a decent speed and write beautifully (compared to some people around me anyway).

~ My clothe size is generally M, shoe size is 7 / 40, and bra size 37/78B.

~ Trying to live with the concept 'nobody is perfect' is a little bit of a challenge for me since there are so many seemingly-perfect prototypes all over the media.

~ In my opinion, guys (straight or gay) who knows their makeup are a step above average guys.

~ I find mass slaughtering of chickens, cows and pigs for food is cruel, but I just can't live a day with at least SOME meat.

~ I prefer black pepper sauce to mushroom sauce.

~ I like spicy stuff, but I don't like the taste of chili.

~ For pasta, I prefer creamy sauces as opposed to tomato-based and olive oil-based sauces.

~ I would prefer noodles to rice on most days.

~ I'm almost the only one in the family who is remembers actors in Hong Kong dramas, American and British movies by name, face and work.

~ I'd really like to say I'm proud to be a Malaysian, but unfortunately I'm not. the government is constantly debating over petty and trivial matters when more serious issues are getting more and more out of hand. Some would think that living is such a multi-cultural, -racial and -religious country would just cross out all the racism, but in some cases it's worse than other countries.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My first day ...

... at work where I was the only waitress for the entire day, not including the part timer who came in the evening. I arrived at Dami at 11.30am, and even then the restaurant wasn't open. Hoan, Sao and Vinh were next door waiting as well. All of a sudden, they were unloading stuff from a car along with Rames looking like a real little boy with his cute haircut and an orange Death Note manga T-shirt. This happened right after Hoan patted me on the shoulder saying 'you're on your own today'.

This is the first time that I worked in Dami without Tinh around, which meant that I had to figure things out by myself if anything went wrong. Well, the first obstacle I encountered was resetting the dining area from scratch with everything in the drawers. The first thing that came to mind were the tissue boxes. Just a couple of days of Tinh's absence, the restaurant was a slight mess - the smoking area tissue boxes were in the non-smoking area and vice versa, and the tables were extremely misaligned.

I corrected all those in a jiffy, wiped down the table-tops, got out the menus and order forms, mopped the floor and wiped down the cake display glass which fogged up slightly over the night. The flow of customers was steady, but rather sparse. I started making our custom-made longer-than-normal bubble tea straws for the whole afternoon. The other staff didn't know how to make them, and we were running dangerously low on them.

Throughout the day without any other waiters/waitresses, Karen and Rames helped me out with food serving, order taking, customer seating, etc. It was a nice day actually - I was happy to be back at work, doing something I actually enjoy and earning money at the same time. It beat sitting at home, being a couch potato watching Korean drama and pigging out practically the entire day.

The job is tiring, but the experience is well worth the work. I find myself more communication-friendly with all kinds of people, even if the person is a complete asshole. It also taught me about being constantly open-minded and cool-headed whenever something comes up. Finally, it taught me that you have to look at both the pros and cons of every thing before making a judgement and it's better to see smiles than scowls.

Anyway, hope Tinh will be feeling better by tomorrow, Karen as well. =)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I wouldn't exactly call it a gathering since one of us was absent, but it was pretty close.

I woke up in the morning around 11am then immediately got ready to go to Endah Parade to pick up some stuff. Firstly, the 'Shimmering Nail Polish' from Elianto. Heck, I didn't know that the normal nail polish and shimmering nail polish prices were different. The normals cost RM5, the shimmering ones cost RM10. And I was honestly shocked. The only difference is shimmer for god's sake!

Anyway, the color I got is number 20 Shining Ebony, which is a very shimmery ebony black, which gives off a gothic but rather glamorous, punky image. In some lightings it actually looks like a shimmery gunmetal color. I really don't want to remove the polish now, but I've work tomorrow. T_T

I got my Hot Ticket from some random phone shop inside Carrefour. I didn't know there were different types of Hot Tickets. Then I went to get my name stickers. I've had those stickers once, but they ran out fast because I stuck them to every damn thing. So this time I got slightly bigger ones (which also means less in numbers) which have the pictures of my fave buddy - DOGGIES! And the single name - Chean. I just had the impulse to get some after seeing all my CDs, DVDs, books and belongings lying around that my sis could very well just take and announce it as her own.

After all that was done, we went up to Uncle Chong's Kopitiam, where the old ship once was, for nasi goreng pattaya. Basically nasi pattaya is rice with a fried egg on top, so that's what I think anyway. This particular pattaya fried rice is really good, but the rice + the chili sauce on the omelet makes it a little spicy. And please don't order the iced lemon tea.

After getting home, I removed my nail polish and repolished my nails with the Shining Ebony nail polish while watching Jang Keun Suk's latest (I think) drama - Mary Stayed Out All Night. It's about this girl called Wi Mae-Ri (Mary) who is forced into an arranged marriage by her father and his old rich friend to settle their debts and to ease her father's guilt of letting her mother suffer. She fakes a marriage with a guy she met in a car accident earlier on to hopefully cancel the wedding, but she only succeeds in postponing it. After a while, both guys (arranged groom and fake marriage husband) eventually fall for her.

I haven't finished the drama yet, but so far it's pretty good, but slightly boring at parts. I loves Jang Keun Suk's long wavy locks. XD I've only watched 2 of his dramas - You're Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night. Both in which he plays the genius mastermind vocalist/composer/lyricist of the band. Both in which he's aweshumly sexy. XD

I prepared for the gathering which would be at Shapa Shapa Shabu. My makeup is green themed lately, not because of St. Patrick's Day, but mainly because it's the color trend of the season, and also green compliments brown eyes, which is generally insignificant since I have really dark brown eyes and I wear green lenses over them anyway.

I totally forgot both face and eye primers, but my attempt at crease definition was pretty good. Both sides of winged liner was unbalanced, though. Mum fetched me there, and I think she's starting to trust me much more. Even when I asked her permission to go out for the gathering, the only thing she said was 'up to you'.

Anyway I wore 4.5 inch wedges there and the Shapa manager recognized me as the waitress from Dami. XD I dunno whether that was the reason, but he gave us an extra dish of minced shrimp for free. Actually I would prefer eating at Dami or 100'C at least, compared to Shapa. The variety at 100'C is wider and the quantity is also bigger. And I think it's slightly more economic. My lamb set cost RM27, which is cheaper than last time 'cause we didn't order drinks.

After dinner we went over to Dami for drinks and some Plum Deep Fried Sweet Potato. =) Yuriko had a Carlsberg; JW, Kiki and Yiee had Milo Dinosaurs; Ling had a red bean and milk ice blended and I had a Euro Chocolate Ice Blended. XD I lovee that one~ It's so goddamn chocolate-y that you just want more. XD

The drinks plus the sweet potato cost me RM41.05 including the 5% service tax. Taiwan DAMI does not charge government tax. =) After I paid I just waited outside for mum to pick me up, and by the time we got home, I was on the two-seater camwhoring away~ It's amazing how a pair of lenses can change the look of the eyes so much. I can actually act cute now. XD And I think I really have lost weight - my arms have lost that 'flabby' look in pictures and I have to worry less about the 'spare tyres' showing now. XD

Here are some unedited camwhore pics straight from my camera:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is gonna be crap

My gang's having a gathering dinner tomorrow night at Shapa Shapa Shabu (again) (my business enemy). What the girls are planning to do is to go to Kiki's house, play around with makeup and take pictures. Up until a few moments ago, I've been the one with the most makeup experience and skill. Right now Kiki's learning, and I'll say that she's learning good. She's using liquid foundation, for Christ's sake!

What I suggested to Yiee was that why don't the girls come over to my place, then we'll have more stuff to play with? Something in that general context. I love having friends over, and I need training in home-entertaining. XD Yiee gave me the impression that she didn't mind, and she asked the others. Not many replied, but what Yuriko said was something like this: "Kiki's makeup skills are already better than yours so butt out."

She didn't write exactly that, but it was enough to hurt. Not meaning to step on anyone's toes, but they're 'makeup skills' consists of layering on concealer, foundation, eyeliner and false lashes. I do the complete things: concealer, primer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and/or false lashes, brow definition, powder, blush, contouring and highlighting. I might be lacking in material and tools, but at least I know the basics.

Their style is different than mine. My style is more Westernized as I learned most of my skills from Youtube Gurus like MissChievous and Michelle Phan. I focus more on highlighting features and letting the eyes do the talking. They're style is more Asian-oriented: Asians are practically obsessed with big eyes. So what the Hong Kong and Taiwan stars do is apply eyeliner then apply mad dramatic falsies, which is nice, but only for stage and photography 'cause it looks unnatural in real life.

My style being different doesn't make her better at makeup than I am. Yes, her skills may produce the results that suit you people, but my skills produce results that are more internationally usable. The results being compatible with your interests doesn't mean that the skills are better. And anyway, I've more experience. =)

Then there comes the times when I'm always blatantly ignored whenever I give a statement, question, or the likes. So the situation is something like that in general: we're having conversation, I get a lightbulb moment and wish to express my thoughts, but then every time I try to add in a sentence, it's drowned out by someone else. By the time I give up trying to say anything, then they only ask me what I wanted to say. And just as I'm about to start, another person just starts talking and I am once again blatantly ignored.

I've different interests in people, music, and different opinions on different topics. Everyone in the whole goddamn world is like that, so why is it that you guys criticize me so? I would think that every single one in the whole group having exactly the same interests and opinions is so boring. I'm different, so be it.

Right now I feel that the 3 years of friendship doesn't compare with the 2-month friendship I've had with my colleagues at work. A Tinh is actually like a big sister to me now, and the kitchen crew feels something like close friends I've known for a long time.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reasons why girls should wear heels

Every one (including guys) have different opinions about heels. Some say they are heaven, some say they're hell. I'd say they're both, but more of heaven than hell. Here's why.

In my opinion, wearing heels is just a matter of getting used to them. I haven't been wearing stilettos since I was a kid, but I remember owning some fancy party shoes with some height to them since I was 5. Start from a small elevation, say 1.5 inches. Then slowly increase to a maximum of 3.5 inches without platform. Scientific research has proved that wearing heels over 3.5 inches without platform would actually do something to your spine.

Since I was 13, I've been wearing 1-1.5 inch heels out shopping, and let me tell you this: never wear heels (however low they are) without a backstrap for activities that involve lots of walking. To seem more natural when walking with heels, try imagining that the points that make contact with the ground on your heels are actually points of your foot. Remember, your brain functions more on images. =)

In truth, wedges would be more comfortable than stilettos. And they're also easier to walk in as it doesn't leave you with a thin stick to balance on as opposed to wedges.

Here are the reasons why girls should wear heels:

One, it adds to the height of the entire body. In general, girls are shorter than guys. And sometimes the guy is so impossibly tall that the girl would feel like a midget beside him. So. What does the girl do? Find some nice heels. =) Platforms would be better, as long as the elevation isn't more than 3.5 inches.

Two, with the right color and style, you could actually make them compliment your outfit and/or lengthen your legs! Nude heels give the illusion of longer legs. A pair of black stilettos would be the perfect compliment to almost any outfit!

Three, it actually makes the overall women's body look sexier. With the added height on your heel but not the ball of your foot, your body automatically tries to balance itself. Thus, your chest will rise outward and your stomach will go in, creating a more curvy silouhette (guys like girls with curves more than stick figures). Your bum would also seem more shapely. ;)

Four, there's a reason why girls are addicted to heels. It's something like your identity as a woman and as an individual. Heels reinforces the feminine side of the individual, and the best thing about it is that there are tons and tons more types and designs to choose from compared to male shoes!!!

That would actually be less than I would have originally liked, but I can't think of anything else right now. The conclusion would be that wearing heels would actually make you look more feminine (maybe that's why it's so goddamn weird when I see guys wearing them), and investing in a good pair is crucial.

Usually you would browse boutiques and shoes shops for a nice pair than would be wearable to most events and occasions, but a statement piece here and there won't hurt. If you still can't find your dream heels, you can always custom design your own, at a higher price, of course. Shoes of Prey is an online store based in the US which specializes in custom-made shoes ranging from ballerinas to ankle boots. For more information visit this link. I learned of Shoes of Prey through Michelle Phan (I can't seem to find the video, she has too many of them!!) while browsing through all her amazing videos.

Right now, I own a pair of 1.5 inch sandals, a pair of silver strap (no backstrap, but the middle strap does well enough) of 3.5 inches from nose, and a 4.5 inch blue pair from Vincci. I owned a pair of aweshum 2-inch heel leather boots before, but they got damaged in Beijing. ><

Am looking forward to getting a real pair of stilettos soon~ XD

Monday, March 14, 2011


Let's pray for Japan. On March 11, 2011, Japan was hit by both a tsunami and an earthquake with the magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale. And now CNN is reporting that these consecutive disasters may have damaged some nuclear plant equipment.

They were hit with both water and earth disasters. And now risk of radiation? But some people aren't concerned about the people who are suffering there. Some people are just worried about manga and anime. I mean, how can you still worry about stuff like that in a situation like this? Do you even have a heart?

Donations are happening everywhere. Japan needs help - with medication and restoration. Lady GaGa is putting up a Japan Earthquake Relief wristband on sale on her webshop. The wristband costs a minimum of US$5, but you can adjust your donation. =)

AskMeWhats has also posted a post on How to Help Japan. Nikki lists a few places that you can make donations to help Japan's earthquake relief.

I pray and hope that Japan would be able to get through this obstacle.

*  *  *

I'm restarting work on coming Wednesday, but I think I'll have to renegotiate about my hours 'cause my gang suddenly wanted to have their gathering on Wednesday. Actually they informed me beforehand, but I completely forgot about it until after I told my boss that I'd like to restart work. Anyways maybe I'll work half a day and Kit can help in the evening. The thing is, A Tinh is on leave on Monday and Wednesday to visit her sister, so we're practically staff-short. =X

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I know

... that I'm a hurtful bitch when it comes to relationships. Mostly, I focus on myself, how I feel and what I wanna do. I do pay attention to the other side's needs and wants, but my priority is myself. But there are those times, especially at the first few weeks or months of the relationship that I find myself doing every goddamn thing to please him and cheer him up.

Due to this sudden bombardment of , I just suddenly get tired and bored with it. I'm sick of having to act all loving and caring when I'm just not. That's when I start getting that scary feeling - the feeling of wanting something new, something fresh.

Let's face it, there would always be someone who is better in one or many ways than a person. Every human is less than perfect, which is why every individual is unique. It's something like your favorite food - you might like the taste, but you hate the texture, or vice versa. I like that he's so easy going and loving, but it really bugs me when he's constantly easy going and doesn't get mad at anything. I know, right?

Now here comes the relation to the baby and the new toy. This baby craves, let's say, a cute frog plushie. After a while of whining and bugging, he finally gets it! For the first few days, he and the frog are inseparable. About a week later, he starts getting bored with it and his attention moves to other more interesting, colorful toys. He soon starts neglecting the frog and craving the other new toys that are not in his possession.

My case is something like that, the difference being I have more of a tendency to panic and over-react, thus causing regretted decisions sometimes. Now that I've had him for 2 months, I'm suddenly thrown into confusion. I'm not exactly having a crush on another guy, but some other guys make me smile and laugh better than he does.

Which is exactly why I'm in confusion now.

And once I'm in confusion, I just don't care. I couldn't care less if my computer just explodes now and kills me in the process (which would be something I would prefer rather than have to live a fake life).

Previously in an argument, he actually said that he needed the 'old me'. If he needed the old me, then what do I need? I can't very well stay the same way forever. It's change that makes the world interesting, it's what makes life livable. On the other hand, he's the kind that seldom changes. His life, his personality has been the same for pretty long.

Or maybe it's me who's having overly high hopes. I hope it is.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Scary workday

Just a few days ago my senior told me that many customers have been complaining about my attitude - long face, cursing, etc. After that I made it a point to plaster a smile on my face whenever there are customers, even if the smile looks completely fake and insincere.

I just noticed that I'm always late at work by 15 minutes. =P The restaurant's clock is faster than mine by 10 minutes.

I got to work today, noticing the new part-time staff. He's called Tom, from Myanmar, and like the previous one who came to work, he resigned after half a day. Reason? The work was too tedious. But this one actually asked his wife to come around and help him breach the topic. And I've also learned one thing - never trust a guy with a mop. =P

There were two problem customers today at lunch - one who complained about the lack of minced meat in her noodles (small issue) and another one who complained about everything she could think of.

The pictures on our menu are for illustration purposes only, so some of the pictures don't actually look like the real thing that comes out of the kitchen. This picky trio of aunties (with heavy makeup, ancient perfume and fake hair color) complained that the "Three Cup Chicken" rice doesn't look like the picture. Fine.

Then they complain about the chicken being still cold on the inside. Please lah. I've eaten food from the kitchen many times and every thing is hot, if not warm, on the inside. Fine, reheat the chicken. Then she complains about the numbers in the menu (which is one thing that many people complain about).

Usually the waiting staff would observe tables and see which dishes have been emptied for clearing. Unless the dish is cleared of most stuff and/or obviously unwanted by the customer, I don't touch it. This auntie comes and retort me saying 'Why do you clear other tables but not ours? Can't you see we're finished?' (Something like that)

I wanted to start cursing her and yelling at her on the spot, beat the shit out of her stupid fat head. But to stop giving her anything else to complain about, I just slapped on the fake smile and cleared her stupid table. Their dishes were still full of rice, sauce and whatnot. Even Karen didn't want the leftover rice (she usually takes some if there is for her two dogs).

Then when they asked for the bill, they asked whether we accepted credit cards. Like how I respond to all other customers who ask the same question, I said, "I'm sorry we don't, because we don't have a telephone line yet." Her response was like, " 'We don't have telephone line yet' ", mocking me.

I mean, FUCK YOU BITCH! The whole bloody row of shops don't have a telephone line because fucking TM won't get around to doing it! Anyway she and her two bitch friends left and everything went back to normal.

Then after lunch, around 3.30pm, two men in formal wear came in. The boss was suddenly on the phone, went to the washroom, whispering for me to call A Tinh. The Nepalese in the restaurant already had their red ICs, it was the Vietnamese who had to wait for another few months.

Karen and her friend were suspecting that they were from the hygiene department (or something like that) that came for inspection. And just a few moments earlier the "spy woman" came in. She usually dresses in tight shorts or pants, a tank and a sports jacket, with her hair in a bun and a white headband.

Only after A Tinh sneaked to the back did I know that this was serious business. She left her apron in the washroom, went to the kitchen and called Sao, Vinh and Hoan, then went missing for around half an hour, by which time the two guys and the "spy woman" were gone.

The "spy woman" drives an old edition Proton Saga with the licence plate WGW 2787. So if you see her and/or her car near your restaurant, be alert. She will ask almost all the staff about lots of things, from your name, your nationality to how the restaurant runs. It would be best to fake not understanding her more than half the time, or say 'I dunno' all the time.

Scary how the day turned out. Though I was obviously local, and I had my IC with me, I was nervous max. Maybe it was because of knowing that my friends were in risk of being thrown into jail, sent back to their country or sucked of all their money to bribe the authorities.

* * *

I'm feeling more and more distant with my dear now. It's like the love between us just froze. It's not that I don't love him anymore, it's just that it's getting ... bleak. The routine between us has gotten monotonous for me. All the problems in the relationship is with me.

I just hope I'll get over this soon and have our relationship back to normal.

But what he said hurt me - he said that I've changed, I'm no longer the me that I was 2 months ago. It's like he threw a knife at me, it's like he's saying that the new me is nothing different from those heartless girls out there. I'll admit I've changed - in both interest and maturity. I've lost the obsessive interest I had for the GazettE, though I still love their music. I've come to learn that life isn't all about laying back and having a good time - it's about experience.

I'm basically the old me, just with new interests and better maturity. I still procrastinate like hell, I still like to snack in the middle of the night... Or perhaps it's the new interests and maturity that scares him. He told me that one of his exs went for national service, and by the time she was back she was a changed person.

A person can't stay the same forever. Changes happen, whether you like it or not. What if the world never changed? Life would be so drab. What if people never changed? I wouldn't want my friends to have the logic of a toddler. Changes will happen. In people, in the world, in the universe. It just depends on whether you can accept it and learn to adapt. I can't stay the same forever. It just isn't me. I hope one day you'll be able to accept that.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hair issue

My hair has been going through only one change multiple times in the past few years: length. The style has basically stayed as it is since I chopped off my mess of tangles in 2008.

Since I'm now only waiting for college, I'd like to experiment a bit with . . . color. XD That's not all: hair color a la visual kei. XD Which means that I'm most likely not gonna go for the conventional auburns, ashes, mahoganies and such. Visual kei means pink, blue, purple, neon colors in general and of course: bleached.

I've been considering bleaching for the past year, but from what I heard from a salon-owner in Endah Parade, it actually makes your hair limp-er than normal as all the 'stuff that keeps your hair stiff' is pulled out. Since then I've been wary.

Anyways, going gold blonde in Malaysia is simple and inexpensive, as it's only around RM5 for a small chunk of hair. For other colors, the same small chunk would cost up to RM30. And anyway going gold blonde is over-rated in Malaysia, same as the blonde thing in the US.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Should I?

I'm right now in a complete dilemma on choosing a new phone. My specs? Under RM800 (RM700, if at all possible), touchscreen, and preferably something with a decent camera, WiFi and Bluetooth. Oh, and a model that my friends don't have.

My dear suggested I get the N8, which is complete in function and all that, but it goes beyond my budget. =P My friends recommended 5800 and iPhone, and none of these meet my criteria. The 5800 for obvious reasons; the iPhone ... well, as a Maxis user I could sign up for whatever package that is and get the iPhone for a cut price, but still ...

I've considered getting a C6-01, Xperia X10 mini (2nd hand), Xperia X8 and X8 Touch and Type. The problem with me is that I tend to always ask for people's opinions as I can't make up my own mind, and yet I usually retort their suggestions with various excuses.

What JW said was: 'Choose it yourself or you will regret it.' I'm trying to, but I'm getting different suggestions from all over the place, most of them which are different. One thing is for sure: no Sony Ericsson. According to most people, Sony Ericsson phones in general are extremely sensitive due to the truckload of functions it usually contains, thus making it more vulnerable to damage.

Nokia, on the other hand, is a completely different matter: Nokia has built it's reputation as a manufacturer of durable phones. There are 2 Nokia phones in my house, and both of them has been used for more than 5 years. Though beaten up, ailment-prone and basically keypad-paralyzed (due to my incessant messaging), they work practically fine.

Back to the topic: NEW PHONE. My dream phone: N97, though the model is really old already. Hope some of you can provide suggestions. =)

* * *

I had a brief argument with my dear a few hours ago, concerning my insecurity at my own loyalty. I'm a person who has a child's personality - I see something I want that isn't mine, and I keep longing for it. I go crazy once I've got hold of it, but then I get bored and something else seems interesting.

Now, apply that theory to relationships. I'm in a really loving relationship right now - he loves me more than anything, and he's the only guy who actually made me feel loved. Add in the theory above, and I got myself drowning in guilt.

My work place has a total of 10 staff members (including the part timers), and 7 of them are guys. Working and communicating with so many guys for so long would naturally bring us together. Hoan and DBS seem more fatherly; Sao being the more silent one; Rames and Tinh are my childish buddies; Jie and Yuen (part timers) I don't really know; Vinh is that little glitch.

The first day of work seemed daunting, not because of the work involved, but with the people I have to communicate with. People at the counter spoke Chinese, so they were no problem. The others were foreigners - Vietnamese and Nepalese. I didn't know what language to use to communicate with them, and maybe this was because I was overly sensitive, but they all didn't seem to like me.

After long-term communication, I know that I speak to Rames in English; Hoan, DBS and Vinh in BM; Sao in Chinese; and Tinh a mixture of BM and Chinese. And we've come to the point where we can actually just stand around and chat, though only small talk.

I play around with Tinh, Rames and Vinh whenever I'm in the mood. Here comes the tricky part: I play and tease with Vinh the most. We throw spring onions at each other and try to trip each other all the time. Add handsome looks and a charming personality to the guy's side and ... TA-DA! - you get me confused about my feelings.

I easily mistaken a nice friendly feeling for a crush, especially when that guy is good-looking. I worried myself for the whole fucking day just because of this: would I break up with this guy that I love so much for a guy that I have confused feelings for and practically can't communicate properly (though he speaks BM, he's still Vietnamese)?

I didn't want to break his heart, neither did I want to break my own. I live in a sea of regrets, some of them significant in my history. I didn't want to be the one to initiate the breakup again. I told myself at the start of the relationship: 'I want this to last'. Then again, I told myself that at the start of every relationship I had, but I broke up with them for good reasons.

But sometimes I just get so annoyed when he starts nagging. To do this, to remember to do that, da da da~ And also when he gets all emo all of a sudden. He doesn't mind when I don't reply him for long stretches of time, because unlike other guys, he has respect for me and my life; but sometimes the amount of messages I receive overwhelm me, and sometimes I just don't feel like replying.

I know that he's just updating me on current events and wants me to be a part of his experiences up to a point. I have a phobia of commitment, somehow. Maybe it's because I'm a fucking pessimist and opt to look at the negative things instead of the positive things in life and people.

I focus on the negative things to much that suddenly it falls on me like lightning: 'Am I prepared to live with this for the rest of my life?' I was never really a person for compromise, especially with people. My thoughts are like my essays - they expand endlessly with detail and possibilities.

I wish I could just start crying right now. I haven't cried in some time, and I could use some emotional release.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The end of ...

Work. Yup, I've officially told my boss that I would like to stop work on the 11th (which means the 11th would be the last day). I'm so gonna miss the whole crew there, particularly Tinh, Rames (pronounced 'Ramesh' in Nepalese, but he prefers Raymond XD) and Vinh. ><

It's like any other kinda situation - you mix around with people for long, and you get close. They're definitely a few of my lifelong friends from now on. Previously I never thought that I'd work with foreigners, let alone with 6 of them, and become friends (I see Sao less as he's always out of sight, but he's nice XD).

* * *

I'm not gonna start that whole process again, am I? I'm really afraid that I am, for now all I can do is resist it. But how long can this last? Maybe it's like what they say - there are ups and downs, and this is just one of the downs. I just gotta hang on.