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Tuesday, February 15, 2011



In a matter of speaking, that is.

I've finally opened all my angpaus from CNY and everything totals up to ...



wait for it


RM1037 + S$50!!!

Last year's revenue wasn't as much, plus my salary from work ... Imagine.

I will work at the very least 40 days at Taiwan DAMI for RM40 per day (10 hours), so I would have a minimum salary of RM1600! Having a RM30 weekly allowance in Form 5, saving up at least RM200 was an achievement, especially with all the impulse shopping, 'illegal' trips and food expeditions. =P

My revenue + salary is actually almost sufficient for me to get a Nokia N97 or Sony Ericsson Aino already, but what I want right now is a simple touchscreen phone (QWERTY keypad preferred, but I can live without it). My budget is under RM1000, which is why I'm searching for a Nokia C6.

But first! To convert my Celcom line into a Maxis line, just so I can save money and still keep in touch with my dear~ I went to the Maxis Center in Endah Parade this morning but the lady kept mumbling to me, but basically she said that the outlet doesn't do things like this yet, and it had something to do with prepaid and postpaid plans. ==

He suggested to get a new number, but I can't have 3 phones all at once. Having two of them is already a party, having three would be a crowd. It would also be costly to have to maintain three SIM cards at a time. The next nearest Maxis Center is in ... OUG. T_T How the hell am I supposed to get there when I work practically 24/7?

Anyways I already asked Yen to help me ask at Endah Parade again. If it still doesn't work, I'm gonna have to ask for a day's leave or ask someone else to help me get it done.

So ... any handphone recommendations? My objectives: touchscreen preferably with a separate keypad, noted brand (Nokia or Sony Ericsson), good speakers, >5 mega pixel camera, minimum 2GB of expandable capacity (microSD) and under RM1000 (RM800 would be preferable).

* * *

This is just a random picture. It's Valentine's and every special occasion, my phone will automatically change the wallpaper for a day according to the occasion, e.g. Christmas, New Year, etc.

UPDATE: My actual total revenue is RM1021 including all the little bits and pieces from friends of relatives.

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