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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Feb 3 is officially the first day of the rabbit year in the Chinese lunar calendar. Traditions are abundant - prayers for a good year ahead, distributing of red packets which contains lucky money, reunion dinner for the entire family on the day before and doing whatever cleaning on the day before (superstition states that cleaning [sweeping] the house on CNY day is equal to sweeping away your luck and fortune).

My pre-CNY day was tiresome - housework and helping out with whoever and whatever I can. Then at night we had rosé, watched Hellboy 2, chatted for a while, then most of the people went to sleep, while I stayed up with the iPad playing Mahjong with my aunt and applying a mask. =P

We finally decided to sleep at 4am, me knowing full well that my mum would most likely get up about 2 hours later to help her with the vegetarian dish cooking. But she let me sleep till my dad and uncle started talking loudly and my 'first cousin once removed' started bawling, which was around 8-9am.

I waited for the bathroom, had my vegetarian breakfast (my mum's vegetarian dish is best!) then took my bath in preparation for the lunch we were going to have with my dad's side relatives. I was mad nervous about messing up my makeup, 'cause the yellows tend to be less obvious on my yellow-toned skin. But here it is, a major success ! I'll get to the face chart and product list later. =/

My outfit for the day was a slightly Asian-style corporate-ish dress in pale pink with a belt matched with strappy blue 4 1/2 inch wedges. Uh... The dress was a little loose in the bosom area and the belt was too long, but it was stretchy and comfy~ My legs look mad fat. =P

Lunch was at a Chinese restaurant located in a rather secluded area in Damansara Kim. The food was good, as opposed to the restaurant we usually went to in Bandar Utama. Seems thing are looking up for the entire family - a baby is on the way and everybody's upgrading their lifestyles.

After finishing lunch, we headed to my dad's godmother's place in Wangsa Maju. By the time he arrived the whole crowd of younger people were gambling. The adults were basically just hanging around, eating CNY snacks and distributing red packets.

To be honest, the visit there was boring - we basically didn't fit in with the rest of the 'kids', and there weren't many adults who would have the interest to talk to us, so we just sat and watched Sandra Ng's old comedies.

I didn't use my false lashes for the look today. I actually think that such striking colors AND with false lashes would be a little too dramatic for day wear. So I just opted for some mascara (though I think it's starting to dry up). Plus, there wasn't enough time for me to slowly experiment, whether for the new or older pair.

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