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Saturday, February 19, 2011

All in a day's work

Business is slow these days, there are even some days when there aren't any people at all for a few hours at a time. I guess being a waitress is hard - when there aren't any people you die of boredom, when there are people you die from rushing everywhere trying to split yourself in a few.

Today was one of the 'no people' days, where there wasn't anyone from around 4pm-7pm. I think I failed to introduce my restaurant staff. XD

  • MANAGER: Mr. Tan
  • GENERAL MANAGER (GM): Emily [Taiwanese]
  • SHAREHOLDER (I think): Karen
  • BARMAN: Ramesh / Raymond / Ramen (every one calls him differently =P) [Nepalese]
  • WAITRESSES: Tinh [Vietnamese] & moi
  • KITCHEN CREW: uhh, I only know some of their names, and they're a mix of Vietnamese and Nepalese people

Ramesh and Tinh are the two who does practically everything in the restaurant, including their own job. The only few from the kitchen I know are Sao, Vin (nice ass guy XDXDXD) and Lian. Basically all of them are really nice, friendly people, the only thing is that we have the language barrier. They only know bits and pieces of English and/or BM and/or Chinese and sometimes they speak with a rather heavy accent.

NEVERTHELESS! I shan't be down, 'cause we're on speak-and-laugh terms now. XD At least I think we are. I'd like to think so anyways. I would say my manager has a rather ... interesting taste in shirts. The first week I worked there he wore normal white shirts (the same one) and jeans, recently he's been appearing in beach shorts and slippers.

And the sexiest ass award goes to ... VIN! 'Cause he really does have a sexy ass. =x It's hard not to notice especially when he's wearing fitting jeans (D&G) and has his ass facing the food window. I think he just got his salary recently, 'cause he's got a haircut and some new accessories, punk-rocker style~

Back to today. The 3-hour stretch between 4-7pm was seriously silent. Karen was on her laptop (HP mini), the dining area staff (Ramesh, Tinh & myself) were sitting around. Here's what happened:

All three of us were actually sleeping at the same time for some time, until I decided to do a 'market survey' of the entire block. There were not many people at Shapa Shapa Shabu, but more were at Drinks.

* * *

My favorite hotpot restaurant is (was) Tasty Hotpot near SMK Seri Saujana. My mom told me that they had moved from there to a block away from where I work with a new restaurant name: SOULAR Steamboat and Ramen. Though under the same management (lengzai Francis), the porridge base is gone and the taste has deteriorated.

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