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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretty? XD

I went out on my first official date with my dear today, and it's a day to remember. Thanks dear~ ♥

We watched The Tourist today, starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The entire story was nice, and I find Angie's lips a little distracting especially in the close-up scenes, but you can't deny she's a gorgeous woman. And with her body she can pull off any kind of look - elegant, athletic, sexy. And her face is really makeup friendly - natural-eyes-and-nude-lips and simple smokey eyes with sexy red lips.

She wore three significant dresses/gowns in the movie (with some sweaters in between), the first one she wore right at the start of the movie. The dress' colors are skin color-oriented - a cream colored dress with a skin-colored wrap, nude stilettos and gloves, plus a darkish pink ribbon which acts something like a belt and a nude clutch.

The next dress is the dress she wore when she had dinner with Frank (Depp) - floor-length long sleeved white satin gown with a plunging layered neckline and a white ribbon belt, paired with white stilettos and minimal but glamorous accessories.

As for the last dress, it's another floor-length gown with a slight train. This one is black, strapless but with opaque off-shoulder sleeves and of a sheer chiffon material matched with elbow-length black gloves, simple earrings and a beautiful diamond choker.

Whoever who was managing the wardrobe for this movie should be given an award. He's so effing AMAZING !!! The end part was slightly unconvincing, though. It seemed a little off than what a typical thriller/romance/comedy movie ending should be.

I've successfully worn my Blincon Sweetie Green color lenses for more than an hour already. Here's my score for these lenses:
  1. Enlargement: 9.5 / 10
  2. Color: 4 / 10
  3. Comfort: 6.5 / 10
These Blincon lenses are 14.5mm in diameter, and has a very dark outer ring and sunflower petal pattern to it. The color is quite dark, generally visible only with good light, otherwise it'll just look like another pair of black/grey/brown enlarging lenses.

The lens actually doesn't blur my vision as much as my FreshLook ColorBlends Amethyst did, and they sit in your eye practically like it's a second membrane (except for occasional discomforts, especially in my right eye since I'm not used to such large lenses yet), super comfy~ And I actually really like the pretty pattern~ XD

I think these lenses are a good investment, especially since the price is so @#$%ing high - good enlargement and comfort. For me, comfort of the lenses always comes first - what's the point of having pretty looking eyes when you're suffering for it. From what I've gathered, EOS and G&G lenses are extremely comfortable; the least comfortable being Geo (and some other brand which name I have forgotten).

Being enlarging lenses, the lenses makes my eyes look really round and doll-like. Perhaps this is my first step into becoming a gyaru freak. XD

I'll stop here for now. The next post might very well be a celebrity post. XD

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