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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On-the-go + Travel Makeup Essentials

* Oops, I more or less written this post in the previous post already... =P *

For the girl / guy who likes to look at their best all the time, even when they're on the go~ The essentials and the extras~

Out on the go, you won't have the familiar surroundings and conditions you have when you're at home. Whether with good lighting or equipment or not, you'll have to put up with it.

Like I said in the previous post, the essentials include a white eye pencil, a pale pink lipstick / lip and cheek tint, concealer, dark-colored eyeshadow and a wet-formula mascara.

But if were to make a stop anywhere with a mirror, you could bring along an eye shadow duo or similar, but keep it simple. I would recommend a 12-color palette, with most of the colors being pigmented and skin-toned.

If you're opting for smokey eye look when you arrive at some place in the night-time, just bring along a soft eye liner pencil and a small, inexpensive fluffy brush / Q-tip. Just apply the liner thickly and blend with the brush / Q-tip till the desired effect is achieved.

Now if you can't live without eyelash curlers, I would recommend that you bring an heated lash curler rather than the conventional ones which take up pretty much space. It also threatens to rip a hole in a packed and weak-materialed bag.

Use a cream concealer instead of a liquid one as they're easier to blend. You could also use the concealer as a facial highlighter for your cheek bones and nose bridge.

As for foundation, I think I would use a powder foundation instead of a cream or liquid one. I'm just being practical and it's common sense. Creams and liquids need to be blended nicely, and fingers don't always do the job nicely. And to specially add another sponge / brush to your bag would be kinda unnecessary. Get those in compacts.

The brows can be filled in using your eyeliner pencil / a dark brown eye shadow from your shadow palette. Just be very light-handed when you're using the liner. You can use a Q-tip to apply the eyeshadow, though the effect won't be as good as using an angled brush or using conventional brow pencils.

Contouring, you say? Simple. Use your brown eyeshadow. Just make sure it matches your skin tone. If not you can skip that and use a brown blush with a hint of pink for this that comes in a small tub instead of a compact.

Lipstick or any cosmetic lip product doesn't look good on peeling lips. What you can do is use a tinted lip balm (I use Kiehl's) - it acts as a lip moisturizer and also a lip color, plus it doubles up as a blush ! Or you could just whip up a honey + sugar lip scrub (note that this is edible~ yays~!) and bring it along with you as a sweet snack. XD

* For some reason I feel that this post is completely unnecessary and some readers will actually say 'LAME !' and '无聊', but I felt like I had to post this anyways. I guess my blogging is better when I don't blog that often. =P *

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