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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, the year definitely started off with a bang. XD I suddenly had that kinda flashback moment, back to when I was Form 2-3. I would always people watch from my side seat in my classroom, watching the seniors as they played in the corridors. Like any other naive girl, I'd peek at my crush whenever he made a move, then go crazy for the next half-hour.

At that time, my gang was still under construction - Yeanchi, Torng, Yuriko, Veggie, Xy, Yiee, Anne Yeng, Liyen, Sherman, Hinling, Sherman and me. I think it was when I was Form 3, 'cause I vaguely remember Abby being there, yet my hair seemed long that time. Anyways I was like a few of the other girls in my gang - crushing on some seniors.

Our reactions were mainly the same, just that I only showed a bit of what I was feeling. Every chance I could, I peeked out of the window at the corridors in the opposite block, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. While they were faking heart attacks, I just smiled to myself, imagining he and I together, going out on day-trips and just being together. Later, he was dating my sister, and that was like the red light for me.

He graduated, and seldom saw him again except for some school events which he attended. We never really talked, until only recently. Back then I thought he was just another gamer geek, but later I found out we had some common interests. And my sis and him were acting like mortal enemies or something, avoiding each other.

The first relationship after him ended with a dark note, the second one on hatred. I was in a confusion of feelings since - I confused a normal friendship for a crush, something like that. He was there for me and put up with my crazy, annoying messages. He listened. And never did I dream that my fantasies came true.

He makes me feel like nothing my exs did - he makes me feel truly special. I'll be honest, I am a little scared of the future - both of us have been through heartbreak, and I really, really, REALLY hope that this relationship will work out. =)

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