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Sunday, January 2, 2011


I just only realized that I could actually relate my past few relationships with (believe it or not) Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter. In the Half Blood Prince movie, what happened was he helped win the Quidditch match and the entire Griffindor house was cheering him. It so happens that Lavender Brown has been having I crush on him (I can't imagine why), and just snogged him in front of the whole house and became a 'thing'.

The way I relate to it is - Ron is usually the one with the less attention (from practically everywhere) among the three (Harry, Hermione and him). Harry being the only one to survive Voldemort's Killing Curse and Hermione being the best student in school. The only legacy Ron has is his pure-blood line. Me? I'm only known within my circle of friends - something about my face actually deters strangers from striking up a conversation with me (normally). My grades aren't exactly the best, and the only thing I'm 'popular' for is my foul mouth and bad temper.

Like Ron, I kinda crave attention, be more ... I dunno the word ... special than other people (I more or less always think I am). When suddenly there's attention directed at me, I just move in that direction. However deeply in a crush I am, if someone were to make a move, I'll just accept. Maybe it's my feeling of lack of general attention - I'm not exactly the sociable type, but I'm not the complete introverted emo freak.

I've been watching a few episodes of Xiaxue's Guide to Life on recently. I've come to a conclusion that you really can't make a profile out of people with only their photos as their reference. In general, Xiaxue Photoshops her photos, and I already knew she was chubby and somewhat bimbotic (at some points). But if you take her photos and real person to compare, she actually looks better in photos. Not all blondes are dumb - this blonde is a real genius. Don't believe me? Read her blog. She's beyond awesome!

According to the elder people, time changes things. It can strengthen oneself, weaken a feeling, or reinforce something in someone. I know the previous sentence sounds super weird. Just before the end of SPM, I had a sudden crush on one of my best friends. It actually happened before, but not on this magnitude. My other girlfriends told me to keep it hushed, and I know well enough to - I have a feeling that he would actually ignore me for a really long time if he knew. Well, the cats out of the bag, but I doubt that he reads my blog. I doubt that any of my friends read my blog, actually.

I seriously doubt that many people would actually read this text after having a once over of this essay. Anyways, my feelings were stronger during our trip to Genting, then it was two weeks after that before I saw him again for Yiee's NS dinner. Honestly speaking, I was thrilled to be sitting beside him (no arrangements initally). Saying bye was like usual, then till now ... it's been a week since I've seen him. I can't be sure, but it seems that the 'feeling' was another 'adrenaline rush'.

Usually I'm in a confusion of feelings, especially for guys. The only few guys I'm actually close enough with is Sherman, JW, Kyo, Kenmin and Wisely. Sometimes my brain just unconsciously blurs the line between friendship and 'those feelings'. And heavy hints aren't very useful on some people.

I have just discovered the magic of .rar files~! Thanks to Nihon no Ongaku (, link on side bar >>>), I don't have to wait decades to get my dose of visual kei and J-rock. Initially I had been waiting for Wisely or my sis to find the GazettE's PLEDGE single for me, seems I didn't need to. =)

My 120 Palette is still sitting in its original box, untouched except for the inspection and photo. Even the shrink wrap isn't touched. Now that I think of it, I don't actually use so many colors. =x Purchasing the brushes might've been more practical, 'cause I more than the basic eyeshadow, eyeliner and face brush (which is multi-functional, by the way - foundation, powder, blush, contour, etc).

Anyways, the next post will most probably be a food post, so keep a look out.

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