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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Celebrity related post

OMG. It's 4am in the morning and I had a sudden urge to start this post, before I forget, that is~ The impulse shall stop here. In the meantime, I shall plan how to put this post together~

I'm back after 5 pancakes and 8 hours of sleep. I used to be able to gobble down 8 pancakes drenched in golden syrup as a kid, and this morning? Only 5, with only a tiny bit of condensed milk for taste. Grar.

Celebrities. Hmm... I actually have lots of celebrity favorites from many parts of the world. So I think I'll start off with America~ I practically grew up listening to Michael Jackson, the song that really made an impression on my brain was Black or White, though I didn't see the video until after he died. =P My parents were real Michael Jackson fans, especially my dad.

Then came the tweeny years, where most girls (who actually listened to English music, I went to a Chinese primary school) had Britney Spears as their role models. Ever since then I kept track of her singles, albums, etc. My aunt was pretty much against the 'show-your-belly-button' fashion that Britney usually sported during that time. What she said exactly was: 'You can like her music, just don't make her your role model.' o.o

When I went up to secondary school, my style was much more emo - black, rock, grunge, the works. My interests were mainly in other places, but I got to know My Chemical Romance. Their single Welcome to the Black Parade was released around that time, I think. Reason why I liked them? The bloody video was friggin' awesome!

Then came the movie celebrities. Val Kilmer, Vin Diesel, etc. Val Kilmer was because of Batman, which was replaying on HBO at the time. Vin Diesel, well, I kinda looked out for his movies before, but never really obsessed over him. It was after XXX and Chronicles of Riddick that I actually started obsessing, and coincidentally, along came The Pacifier!

Then there was the more teenage crush material like Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz. I've seen Taylor Lautner only in Sharkboy and Lavagirl before, and till now I wonder why I even obsessed over that movie so much. When I first watched the Twilight movie, I was like OHMIGAWD! That's a real hunk! Obsessed over him until New Moon premiered, then I started obsessing on Kellan Lutz. In case you're wondering, he acts as Edward's brother, Emmett.

Now moving on to my favorite country - JAPAN! The celebrity list is ... endless. The first ever real J-pop song I heard was from Hikki, Flavor of Life. Then after that I slowly developed interest in her songs. Her songs are usually really soothing, in a way, and always filled with feeling (love, life, etc).

I went through lots of J-pop singers that year, including Nakashima Mika, by which I also watched the famous anime NANA. Actually even before seeing her perform Life on Music Station, I did see All Hands Together and My Sugar Cat in between Animax programs. Now she's the face for Kate Cosmetics I think. =)

Now for the guys. Though not the first one, the one who actually locked me on J-pop and J-rock, consequently, was Gackt. It was another Music Station episode. Now I'll be honest, I look for the more unique (you people might call them unusual) guys, those which stand out of the crowd, and are usually more affeminate than usual guys. On that particular episode to perform RETURNER Yami no Shuuen (watch the video), he was wearing a brown leather full length jacket with cornrows. It was that and the heavy metal sound of the single that really captured me.

After a few months of mooning over Gackt, I finally moved on to hyde. hyde's name was almost always put together with Gackt's, partially because they did the (wonderful) movie Moon Child together (Leehom fans could also go take a lookie see). hyde is a color-blind rocker, who was previously from Jerusalem's Rod, then went on to solo and also joined the band L'Arc en Ciel (French for rainbow). It was also actually Music Station (again) which more or less reminded me to look for hyde's music.

After all the rock, I went for a change of genre - funky, punky, rock-ish pop. I dunno how to describe his music - Miyavi's music. I heard Miyavi's name through a YouTube fanvid called Hakuna Matata, featuring hyde as Timone, Gackt as Pumbaa and Miyavi as Simba. My first ever Miyavi song was Subarashiki Kana, Kono Sekai. *mawaru~ mawaru~ sekai wa mawaru~~~~*

If you know the GazettE, you'll know that Miyavi is drummer Kai's good friend (go YouTube). That's how I found the GazettE in 2008, and till now it's still my favorite rock band. And in order of my favorite to least favorite (but that doesn't mean I don't love'em): Uruha, Ruki, Kai, Aoi & Reita~!

As for dramas, I've only watched one Japanese drama before - Hanazakari no Kimitachi E, starring Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma and Shirota Yuu. It was actually Shirota Yuu who got my attention in the whole drama 'cause of his rather foreign looks - a Spanish-Japanese heritaged guy isn't hard to identify among the other Japanese people.

I'm quite into Korean stuff right now. I started listening to Korean music after the Super Junior hit Sorry Sorry. But if you wanted me to pinpoint a Korean celebrity that I like, I think it would start with the drama Boys Over Flowers. Lee Minho, Kim Hyunjoong, Kim Beom and Kim Joon. All real hunks (except for Hyunjoong, I find him a little stiff XD).

After that drama, I just fell into oblivion with Taeyang - chiseled good looks and a talent for singing and dancing. Then came the drama You're Beautiful, starring Jang Geunsuk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki and Jong Yonghwa. This was a really good drama, it even had it's own trademark soft-toy creation - the rabbit pig (rabbit with a pig's nose, actually referring to Park Shin Hye's character's habit of teasing Geunsuk's character about his fear of bunnies and pushing her nose till it looks like a pig's at times). My favorite character (and actor) is Jang Geunsuk. Hwang Taekyung (Geunsuk's character) is a genius composer and vocalist who is allergic to a whole truckload of stuff and is a cleanaholic and perfectionist who wears simple but stylish, clingy clothes.

I wouldn't mind having BoA as my unni - she's talented and beautiful~ She sings, she dances, she composes (I think) and she has more piercings than I do, which proves the fact that you can succeed even with body modification (which many people think otherwise).

After one episode of Happy Together on KBS, I started to keep my eye on Shindong from SuJu. He's the last addition to the SuJu group and it was a last minute thing. You couldn't miss him, even among his other 10 odd fellow members - he's chubby and bubbly~

And now I'm obsessing over T.O.P from BigBang, 'cause recently I'm addicted to Lollipop, and single that was produced in collaboration with 2NE1 (it's supposed to sound like 21). One of the viewers comments were: 'BigBang and 2NE1 are the only groups who can sing about rainbows and lollipop and still look like badass guys'. It's not a word for word quote, but close enough. T.O.P sports thick, square-ish framed specs and a bright colored (one was yellow, one red) suit.

The Taiwan media has more or less lost me already - my then-'idols' have already passed their time. My first one - Danson Tang, debuted with the album 'Love Me' and has starred in a few idol-dramas with Jiro Wang (also one of my then idols) from Fahrenheit. Though these few idols of mine have released albums and singles over the years, they weren't as popular as they used to be.

Next up, Rainie Yang. I'll tell you the truth, I never thought that I'd like her, like, ever. Until I watched one of her dramas, starring Show Luo and Lee Wei. I like her singing, and her acting. The reason why I wouldn't have thought that I'd like her before I watched this drama was because of her style. I didn't really like blunt bangs with long, thinly layered hair back then. XD

Then there's ... crap, I forgot his English name ... bah! Ah, Ethan Ruan. =.= After watching the drama Fated to Love You, no, even before that. He was in the Taiwan version of Hanazakari no Kimitachie as Kagurazaka.

Then there's the ever popular SHE. A girl group whose English name initial form the acronym SHE - Selina, Hebe and Ella. Selina is the more mature looking of the trio, her personality being the 'big sister'. Hebe is somewhere in the middle, the more quiet of the trio. And Ella is the more masculine (because of her crop) of the three and has the most success in idol dramas.

Actually there is one more, rather insignificant 'cause he just turned more and more 'ugh'. I first saw him in a basketball-themed drama starring Hebe and him. He still looked normal then. Then came another drama (the one with Rainie in it) and his hair was unacceptable. And I hate it when I see ankle skin exposed when a guy is wearing trousers and leather shoes (not to mention accidentally-on-purpose exposed underwear, no one cares what brand of underwear you're wearing, though this does not apply to him). Oh yeah, his name is Lee Wei (mentioned once above).

And sorry if there's a tiny lack of info, 'cause I forgot some of the English names and I'm just too lazy to go Wiki everything. =P

Ps. I do realize that the some/most of the pics here aren't the best pics of them and some of them are pretty old, but I think they'll do fine. XD And all pics are from Google, so I don't own anything.

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