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Thursday, December 2, 2010

After hiatus PART 3

Basically, I'm a very headache and stomachache prone girl. Headache as I listen to extremely loud rock music everyday, sometimes with headphones, and the stomachache, well, let's just assume that I have a real sensitive stomach. Speaking of sensitivities, I think I have inherited the 'sensitive skin' allelle from my mum's side - the tiniest of changes of regimen or such results in a mini breakout. And not only my face, though my arms and thighs has had some skin problem originally, but suddenly those areas were super sensitive!!

A food post will be coming up after I finish with this uber-long after hiatus blogging thing. And I think I will also post some mini tutorials (ike anyone needs them from me when there's Michelle Phan, MissChievous and Xiaxue =P) or some post related to makeup? 'Cause I just can't stand the way some no-brain wannabe puts on her makeup and look like a cheapass bitch. OMG. I gotta stop the vulgar language, or at least minimise the use of it. I just got told off by my aunt yesterday 'cause I had some vulgar language on my MSN.

For my further education, there are a few choices to make - mass communication, interior design, event planning, or maybe even creative multimedia (I could become like Haze Long~!). These are actually the courses I'm slightly more interested in, other than makeup. =P I don't think I will go for a music course, 'cause I'm starting to get a little bored with my classical guitar classes. Anyone got any ideas? I could use some...

Teenagers and children, sometimes even adults fantasize. About what? Practically anything - from being a popstar (a typical choice for tweeny gals), socialite, or maybe even a character in Final Fantasy. My fantasy? Truthfully speaking, I practically live in FantasyLand. I imagine that I know Lee Minho; I fantasize about doing music with the GazettE; I also sometimes imagine anime characters as my BF. =__= It's OK to fantasize, just keep in mind that fantasy isn't reality, and no matter how much you fantasize, you still have to deal with your problems in reality.

I forgot how many countries there are in total on earth, but I do know this - there are a number that I would like to visit. Japan. Korea. Taiwan. England. America. Australia. Peru. And maybe perhaps Russia. XD But first stop - Thailand, so I can get my nose job. Blek~~

If you live in Malaysia or Singapore, you would be quite familiar with kaya - duck eggs cooked with pandan and something else I think, but anyways it's really flavourful and is really popular among the locals. It's usually eaten with white bread. My favourite brand? Homemade. My mum makes some from time to time, usually when she's making some for friends and family. Generally, you just keep cooking the duck eggs (there are a few other steps, go Google it if you're interested) with some pandan leaves until it becomes a golden or greenish color. Don't let the color fool you, it's really delicious~~

Additional mathematics is one of the most dreaded elective subjects, in my books at least. The only part I understood in the whole form 4 textbook was the 1.1 about sets. Once they entered functions I was like ... 'huh?' That's why I decided to join AhWin this year and drop additional maths, which is much better 'cause I got 0% for it a few times, and I wouldn't want that in my SPM certificate.

Life is drama, but somehow the dramas that come in multiple disc DVDs and VCDs seem much better (though sometimes the antagonist gets a little hateful). For example, Boys Over Flowers - regular girl from a poorer part of town in love with the youngest and richest guy on earth. And You're Beautiful (here's where Jang Geunsuk comes in XD) - a sister-in-training suddenly thrown into the music world in the place of her twin brother and developing a beautiful love story with the band's vocalist. I'm hoping to get Beethoven's Virus soon, it seems it's a good drama...

I didn't know I had a small palette of eyelid-staining eyeshadows till I was improvising for futuristic looks for a school contest (or at least I think it was that incident). It's the Korean-made Abon cream eyeshadows. The stain is actually the color of the eyeshadow that I applied, which was orange. I'm not exactly very fair (slightly tan), but my skin is never orange. So that kinda was a surprise to me. I've seen some posts on staining eyeshadows, but I just thought that it was some skin sensitivity that the user had... =P

I'm an animal lover, but I haven't gone to the extent of joining PetA yet, but there are some cases I just hate. Just a while ago, my neighbour who lives opposite of my house brought home a little puppy, mixed by the looks of it. She seemed in pretty good shape, but then her owner was a working man and was sometimes away for days at a time, and he didn't ask any other neighbours to help feed her or anything. So for days she would go without food, or even worse, water. And even when the owner is back, he doesn't bathe her or play with her - she's generally just stuck in the yard, persumably to guard the house. She was friendly, and was really greedy for food, and pretty much suddenly I started calling her Sasha and tried to make her get used to the name like I did with Duke. Then that got me thinking, what if Duke was still here? Would they be friends? That's a sentence that will remain with a question mark.

There's was an e-mail sometime ago regarding aspartame, an artificial sweetener usually for beverages. The most popular one in Malaysia is Equal, and there are a variety of packagings to cater to different needs. According to the e-mail, aspartame is one of the causes of cancer (forgot which one though). And in some issues of Women's Weekly Malaysia magazine (some pretty old issues), there's a celebrity covered advertisement in there. What are they doing now, promoting cancer?

I've heard of pasteurized milk, but ... pasteurized eggs? That's a first. I know that the pasteurization process is heating up the milk then cooling it down rapidly so that it doesn't spoil as fast. Then how do you define pasteurize eggs? Cook them then plunge them in cold water? The advertisement that I saw said that these are healthier, more bacteria-free eggs than normal eggs, and are richer in vitamins and minerals. I never tried it before, but I'm fine with normal eggs. What about you?

There are two types of mobile phone subscriptions - prepaid (reload cards) and postpaid (the monthly bill that arrives at your doorstep like all other bills). I'm currently using prepaid, and I have thought of converting to postpaid so that my monthly limit would be higher. Back in the day I didn't spend that much money on messaging and/or calls, but since the start of this year I have exceeded my monthly budget on messaging and/or calls. But then again maybe not ...

I got my first liquid liner in October. Well, more of the only liquid liner I could afford. Though I forgot the price of it, it's cheaper than drugstore brands like Maybelline and Revlon, in Malaysia at least. The one I bought is the Elianto Stay-On Liquid Liner. I'm not exactly a fan, but I do like the bottle and applicator. The formula seems a bit runny, or is liquid liner supposed to be that way? In the videos, liquid liners (the good stuff, of course) looks really intense. Anyways, it's my first liquid liner and the only liquid liner I'm using to date. Just a couple of weeks ago I purchased the Revlon Colourstay Liquid Eye Pen, but I haven't started using it yet to avoid drying (if they do dry, that is) of both products.

I've switched through a few moisturizers lately - Bioelements Beyond Hydration and The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. The Bioelements works wonders, especially for acne-prone skin as it's a gel formula. It's quick absorbing and gives a cool feeling to the skin. The one I used was a sample, so it finished up pretty quickly. As for The Body Shop, it's more to an intense moisturizer, I think. I say this because in the past no matter what moisturizer I used (mainly Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream) still left my nose peeling on dryer days. Since I used the Vitamin E moisture cream, that problem was practically gone. I'm lovin' the quick-absorbency and the nice fruity (?) smell. The con of this product is that it comes in a mini-tub (the one I got was FOC) and so any bacteria will slowly accumulate in the tub, making the skin more vulnerable to breakouts.

Minami Shineyo! is my favourite Korean drama to date, mainly because of the collection of hotness - Jang Geunsuk (Beethoven Virus), Lee Hongki (FT Island) and Jung Yonghwa (CNBlue). This drama also introduced me to Park Shinhye, which I've heard about much but never got to really watch one of her dramas. In this drama, she portrays a sister-in-training who is suddenly approached by the manager of pop band A.N.Jell to stand in for her twin brother for a month due to a failed bout of cosmetics surgery. She was initially rejected by the leader, vocalist and main composer of the band (played by Jang Geunsuk), but after learning of her true gender, he made it part of his duty to keep her identity secret. Unknown to both of them, the band's guitarist (by Yonghwa) had found out about her gender on the first day that she joined the band. All three band members had slowly fallen for her, but the drummer (Hongki) refused to admit the fact because he didn't know that she was a girl. Near the end of the drama, Yonghwa confessed his feelings for her, but was rejected and was told that her feelings were only for the vocalist. The drama ends with her as her true self, finally getting together with the vocalist. (Why am I using 'her's and 'vocalist's? Couldn't I just use their names?!)

My favorite quick fix? The Daiso Mugcake. One egg, one sachet of mugcake mix, a microwave and ta-daa~~ You have your quick hunger satisfactor done. It dries up pretty quickly, though you can help delay that by adding just a hint of milk (no more). You could eat it warm with cold, cold ice cream. Now, that'd be a real treat. And it's completely economical!!! Daiso is an 100yen store that has branches in Singapore and Malaysia (I dunno about other countries). Everything is sold at one fixed price, which is RM5 (S$2). It's an all-in-one store - stationery, cosmetics, skincare, food, decor, accessories, you name it.

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