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Sunday, November 28, 2010

After hiatus INTRO

I know I've been gone for some time already, and this is because one stormy day, my lazy sis didn't pull out the telephone line plug from the modem and the modem got fried when a bolt of lightning struck. My other sis kept saying that she'll get it done soon, but she just went to the cyber cafe anytime she needed some internet. Anyways, now it's finally done, thank gawd, 'cause I've loads of stuff to blog about.

The reason why this is called intro is over the month or so, I've listed more than 120 things to blog about, which are mainly the things and conflicts and such that I have encountered over the past month. Unfortunately, I'm having my big exam right now (SPM to the Malaysians) and so Internet time is limited, but I'll finish on the 14th, and after that I can blog all I want. For now, I'll stop here, 'cause it's just started raining, and in fear of frying the modem once again, I have to log off. So, ciao!!

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