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Monday, September 13, 2010


... and rejections. I just confessed today and my reply was rejection. All's well, though, at least I know how he feels, but please keep in mind that I'm a person who doesn't give up so easily. I'll still have feelings, but I'll stay your friend. =)

October is coming which means a few things. One, my birthday is coming; two, my sis n mum are going to Japan; three, SPM is just another month away. That is, when it's officially October.

There's something wrong with Nightclub City - everytime I successfully host a dance party and get full marks, I should have 55 dance points. Everytime I log in again, my points are gone, but the points from the themed parties remained and continue to pile up.

I have parental consent to enter MissChievous' Myths and Legends makeup contest~! Though I am pretty wary of my chances of winning... =P Any suggestions anyone? Myths and legends, based on water, 'cause my element is H2O~

And now I'm going crazy - I want a belly piercing, I want a brow piercing, I want a lip piercing, I want to get cosmetic surgery (sorry, but I really DO envy people with higher nose bridges, plus perhaps some liposuction =p), I want a BMW 523i, I want a Sony VAIO, I want to go to Tokyo Dome, I want EOS Adult (J-203) Pink lenses (, I want bleached hair with pink highlights. In summary, I want everything that is almost impossible for me to have. I might be able to negotiate with my parents on the VAIO and lenses. They can't stop me from getting piercings and bleached hair...


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