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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 weeks

It's been two weeks since the little mutt left, and in the period of two weeks, he's been through 2 new owners, both of which he had left teeth marks on. Now he's staying in my aunt's uncle's place, and how I wish he'd just come home already.

Even after two weeks you'd think I would've already gotten used to him not being in the house. Nope, that's entirely not the case. Broke down in tears last night over a plate of cucumber slices - everytime that there was roast pork, there were cucumber slices (to balance da da da), and usually I shared a few with him, which he'd just swallow, then just continue to look at me with expectant eyes.

Everytime I'm rushing for time and is running down the stairs, my attention automatically diverts to his area, where is undersized little head appears behind an old, black speaker, along with two fluffy latte paws, 'get me outta here' written all over. Then his own little corner, between the single- and double-seater where he usually hides and sleeps when he's out of his area.

The memories came flooding back last night - the way he'd lick the ice cream carton clean and get his muzzle smelling like strawberries; the way I'd sit at the top of the stairs and he'd come running up and sit beside me, wanting ear scratches; the way he looked while he was having his weekly bath - bedraggled and miserable; the way that he'd try to dry himself on every available surface (including me) and make the whole room wet; the way he'd try to evade capture when he's somewhere he's not supposed to be; the way he chased after his T-bone like a mad dog; the way he just couldn't find his treats no matter how he searched, only to find that it was in my hand all along (some hunting dog).......

Seriously, I didn't realize I'd lose him so soon. When my mum said she was looking for a new owner for him, it didn't really register 'cause she didn't seem serious about it. It was only until the two days before and two days after that I cried my heart out - I had imagined that I'd go to college and start working, and everytime I came home he would be there to welcome me, I had imagined that I would see him grow old and finally be the little old man that he looked like. I had also imagined how jealous he would be when I got my own little dog/cat.

I really miss the way his whole butt shakes everytime he wags his stump of a tail, his long and thick ears, his short little muzzle, oversized paws, soft fur... I miss the existence of the baby gate, the wire-mesh prison-cum-sleeping area, the cage-cum-toilet, the sound of scratching claws on the terazzo floor...

How does one overcome all this? I ask this question, but somehow I don't want it to really happen. It's like if I do get over it, he'll really disappear...

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