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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The world revolves around .....

I have a question - how does a person turn from this ...

into this? ...
In case you're guessing, the person in the picture below is neither me nor Ruki. In fact, she is a cosplayer located in Canada (I think). Her (YouTube) name is Eemeraude and posts cosplay, hime-gyaru makeup and hairstyling tutorials every once in a while. She's currently learning Japanese, and how I envy her... XD
I've ran through the possibilities over a million (and one) times, and I've come to this conclusion (regarding the answer to my question above) - to transform from an average girl with wild dreams into a real-life cosplayer, what you need is time, dedication and most of all MONEY. And also a dash of sacrifice, 'cause you're gonna have to do makeup, hairstyling, hair color changing, etc. Which leads us back to the main downside - MONEY.
The whole entire universe (earth) revolves around $$$. Everywhere you go, you need CASH. Like the Cantonese songs goes, 'No money no talk'. And now that the economy is 'getting worse', prices of things are getting sky high. A bowl of wantan noodles used to cost RM3+, RM4 at the most. Now RM4 per bowl is already considered an average price, and the size and amount of what's supposed to be in the bowl have decreased tremendously, except for the amount of soup that consists of oil, water and seasonings. =P

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