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Friday, August 6, 2010

Crumbling into the abyss...

Well, I don't think it's serious to that extent, but it is quite disasterous... Whether you accept that a hormonal change during a period affects how you treat people, it will still be my excuse, though I do admit that I did cross the line that was drawn right in front of me, in neon and fluorescent ink. I'm sorry I did what I did, and I'll try not to let it happen again.

Today was ... dull. Maybe it's 'cause the knowledge that we have classes tomorrow as replacement for Deepavali. =P And also because a few guys are on awkward terms with me right now, so I have less people to 'crazy' with. Went to Endah Parade after school and ate at three different places. First KFC, then Li Soya for tang yuan. The first time I've ever eaten tang yuan in my life - chocolate filling, swimming in deelish soya milk. Then off to Hong Kong Express shopping for *ahem~* lingerie, and then trying out outfits. XD Last place was ... dunno what the place is called, that was only the second time I went there.
Feeling emo lately, also having lots of stomachaches lately.
Uruha-sama looked like this: ... this was during the Cassis time (YouTube it, and if you like rock ballads, you'll definitely fall in love with it XD)
And he now looks like this: ... this is his new look for the Shiver single. I like his hair and makeup, but I prefer the old look more. Same goes with Aoi, and Ruki during Filth in the Beauty... XD

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