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Monday, August 30, 2010

Issues issues

Being teenagers, some would think we'd be oblivious to national, social, etc issues that's happening. We're teenagers, not children, we do pay a certain amount of attention to issues like these.

I think most Malaysian would have already heard about the headmistress (Siti Inshah) telling the Chinese to 'go back to China'. The story (I read from The Star) went like this: now is the month that the Muslims fast (Bulan Ramadan, forgotten what it's for), so during recess at schools, only the Chinese and Indians (non-Muslims, anyways) go down for recess. Supposedly, Siti Inshah told off the Chinese students for eating within the school compound (the school is a government school). That's why I like Namewee's new song - FUCK RACISM NAH SUCKS BANANA.

As for social issues, I hate people who seeth and point at tattoos and piercings with a clear look of disgust on their faces. I read in the sports section of The Star (26th August) about this sportswoman, tattooed and pierced, who just wanted to have fun playing badminton. The person doing the interview actually asked whether all that is to strike fear into her opponents' heart. FUCK YOU. It's only piercings and tattoos. There are many successful, hardworking, etc people who have tattoos and piercings. Angelina Jolie has tattoos, did you see her hijacking a plane? The celebrity chef from 'Chuck's day off', he has tattoos, he hasn't stabbed anyone, and I reckon he won't for the rest of his life. SO STOP GRIMACING AT MY STRAW!

1Malaysia. The supposed 'perfect' concept to bring Malaysia together, and perhaps drive some people 'back to where they belong' you say? Alright then, if you want us to go back to China, then you should go back to Indonesia. AND PLEASE STOP ADDRESSING RACISM ISSUES ALREADY! My tuition teacher met a flasher (usually a guy who flashes his dick at you) just last week - he was Malay AND IT'S BULAN RAMADAN, man!!

As for my personal issues - RESULTS. EXAMS. These two have imprisoned all students of all ages and levels, internationally. It seems that parents these days only concern about these two and very few other things, excluding getting mugged, kidnapped, raped, murdered, etc. What happened to 'going out and experiencing the world'? My relatives told me not to get married so early so that I could do that, and also to cherish my teenage years. What teenage years? The years where I'm locked up at home or at school studying for a subject that I'm not likely make use of in my future career? AND WHAT HAPPENED TO PARENTAL SUPPORT? Some examples are:

- I wanted to be a makeup artist. My mum said that only makeup is very limited. So I widened it to becoming an aesthetician. Then my dad calls up and says being an aesthetician doesn't earn a lot and you could learn that anytime in life as it's just a skill, and told me to think of other stuffs. Now I focus on getting qualifications for studying mass communication, and I want to go to IACT College, then my sis butts in and says that her college is better in this field and tells my mum that I should go to Taylors. Hello? It's MY future, can't I even decide which college I enter?

- Mr J wants to be a chef, so naturally he would study culinary arts (if not hotel management) to realize that ambition. Supposedly (I read on his blog and this is how I interpreted the situation), his parents think that he should go for a course that has a wider range of possibilities than just cooking and owning a restaurant. I was like 'WTF?'

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A disappointing meal

27th August 2010 we went to Victoria Station in PJ for my sis' birthday celebration. All the times we went there, we treated the occasion as a fine-dining experience, close to something like that anyways. Here's my review~

The highlight of the meal - V.S. Escargots (please take note that these are imported) at RM30.90 per dozen. We had ordered two dozens~ (we're escargots-monsters). For those of you who don't know what escargots are, they are actually grilled French garden snails. It's not a bizarre food, it's actually a delicacy~

Being a Japan addict, I naturally love wasabi (in moderate quantities, mind you). I noted the new menu and the new menu contents. This is the V.S. Wasawasabi Steak (the name could sound a little less cheesy though) which costed around RM40.90. The first bite (purposely dipped in the green sauce) and I was like 'What wasabi?', it's more like a cream sauce with green colouring. I know the taste of wasabi and it tasted exactly like the brown sauce. I ordered medium rare, and they gave me a rare steak, so it was swimming in blood after the second cut.

The steak came with three pieces of carrots (perfectly done), a branch of broccoli, a small, almost non-existent stalk of cauliflower and a foil-wrapped baked potato, which was to be served with sour cream, bacon bits and spring onions. They changed the bacon bits into what seemed like chicken stock cube powder, and the inexperienced waitress not only dressed my potato, but my sauce and veggies as well.

The meal was far from enjoyable - firstly, the waiter (again, inexperienced) overfilled my water. Perhaps his eyes were directed somewhere he wasn't supposed to. You can't blame testosterone. MY ASS. If you're a waiter, you do your job - AS PERFECTLY AS POSSIBLE.

Secondly, the staff were chatting even louder than we were, not to mention inefficient. The platform manager was asked whether they had a gin mojito, and he was like 'Excuse me? Some fruit juice, perhaps?' I'll juice your brains, arse!

Being a steakhouse (or similar, in this case), service should be a notch above the rest, if not best. We were finished, all of our cutlery were crossed on our plates already, and they were still chatting the night away. My sis said it was because it's almost closing time. I don't care, until it's on-the-dot closing time you keep your service quality at maximum.

As for dessert, it's actually home made. My sis made her own birthday cake - strawberry shortcake, improved version. The previous time she made it, the sponge collapsed and the cream was overwhelming ('cause she had it on the sides as well). The filling was also tastier, due to the fact that she didn't only spread home-made strawberry jam between the sponge, there were also slices of strawberries. The writing was made from melted chocolate (the little brown bits).

Victoria Station should buck up and improve service, food quality and ambience. The experience that was always something like a fine dining experience has become something like a trip to a regular restaurant that had steak on it's menu. The management should improve service quality, and maybe some renovation or maintenance could be done for the tables, rugs, walls (for the train area) and the lighting. The water feature outside could use a little water changing. And I would suggest doing it soon, 'cause if VS encounters some very *ahem* high-expectant people (like my godmother), you're due to close down. =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Concealed feelings

I love this piece by 暗恋者 which was published in SMKBBSP's 2009 Edition of 朝露...






It more or less explains my feelings exactly, and for I've been telling my friends to snap out of it all this time, and yet it seems I'm the one who was in deepest at the end.

Competition feels so tight - let's face it, though no one is perfect, there are some people who are more 'perfect' than others. I'm the not so perfect one, and surrounding me are people who are more perfect than I am. I'm brimming with bad points, physical, mental and emotional.

Anyways, I hope things would go smoothly.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fast and Furious? I WANT!!!

I love






I want a Nissan Skyline, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8, ANYTHING other than a local car...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The first Tuesday...

It's our first Tuesday without the little fluff-ball in the house. Miss Loh's dad gave me a lift home, and once I arrived home, automatically I looked up through the gaping window beside the main door. There's usually a bark coming from that gap, along with the scratchy sounds of claws against alloy. As I walk nearer, the memory of a small, latte-coloured head with overly long ears and large paws overgrown with cream fur, his pink tongue hanging out in excitement, welcoming me home after a day of school. How I miss that...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New start

You'll see this is many people's blogs/social site profiles/etc. = New hair/hairstyle, new life. I wouldn't say it's a new life, but more of a step back into the time when we didn't have Duke in the house. Duke was taken away yesterday (21 August) at 5pm. I woke up this morning to find that the familiar baby gate at the kitchen stairs was gone, and his area was now where the single-seater rattan chairs were. It's so weird, not having him in the house only after three years.

I went to La'fiil to get my hair cut to day by Si Lu Jie Jie~ I wanted a punky short cut, but was determined to keep my face-framers. What she did was cut the back to how short a pixie cut would be, and just trimmed my face-framers a little bit. A small 'cavity' was cut at my right ear (all the better to show off my piercings~ XD), and voila~ Now all I have to do is style it according to occasion and blow it straight after everytime that I wash my hair.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I 2 Fast 2 Furious

I've noticed that cops who engage in high speed chases, no matter in movies or games, are pretty blunt. In Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition, instead of pushing you into obstacles, they ram into themselves. And I would presume that they would know what tricks high speed racers have up their sleeves.

I think I've a little too high of expectations - I want a Nissan Skyline as my first car, if not a BMW 7 series, but I think the Nissan would be more sensible as a first car. Either way, I'm not gonna settle for a local car, or a manual. =P

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Duke...

August 20th, 2010
I remember the first time I saw you
A little puppy which looked like an old man
In a small chaotic petshop
You were in a white cage right in front of the air conditioner
Shivering, but nuzzled at our curious fingers
Which stroked the fur on your head
The moment we went home
We started thinking of a name for you
You being so precious and all
We picked the name Duke for you
And lengthened it to Sir Duke Lancelot
As your full name
We picked you up from the pet shop the next day
And how excited we were
We'd already set up your crate
In a corner of the living room
And once we placed you into the crate
You were curious
Yet intimidated by the new home you had
We left you by yourself for a couple of hours
By then you were exploring
A small area around your crate
Sniffing and pawing at the furniture
For your dinner
You had puppy food with milk
And how cute you were
When we tried to tie up you long ears
With a green scrunchie
Your head barely filled the bowl
You slept in you crate for the first few days
Then the first night we decided
To let you roam about at night
We all slept in the living room
You had your own little table lamp
In case you were afraid of the dark
The first night you were let out
You chewed on the PS2 cable
For the first two months of you life here
I was having my year-end holidays
This way I was able to wake-up
At 6am every morning to give you breakfast
After you'd finished munching
I'd sleep the rest of the morning on the couch
And you would accompany me
For the following weeks we did nothing
But play games and snapped shots of you
Then every afternoon during your lunch
I'd train you to do the basics
I remember the wary look on your face
When I pushed your rump to the floor
For the umpteenth time
In attempts to teach you 'sit'
I taught you how to 'lie'
I taught you how to take the snack
Only after I said 'OK'
And to nod when I asked 'yes or no'
While mum potty trained you
I remember the seemingly useless attempts
The way we waited in the backyard
For you to land perfect rosettes
And empty your bladder
I also remember the way
You backed away from
The little package or
The yellow-stained cloth
When we put it in your face
In hopes that you'd recognize the scents
And know where to do your business
The holidays ended
And I went to school rather warily
Because I was leaving you at home
With no one else except grandma
Only to get home at 1.30pm
And be greeted by your cute face in mine
Impatience written all over it
I continued teaching you
To 'turn'
To 'roll'
To 'paw'
Even when I was completely exhausted from school
Though the only thing
That kept your attention on me
Was the food in my hand
I was in complete bliss
A few months later
You graduated from potty training school
Every free minute was spent with you
Either playing with you
Or just combing through your latte fur
Which was the reason why
Your name was lengthened to
Sir Duke Lancelot aka Latte
1st of September 2008 came around
It was your first birthday
Someone special got you a chiffon cake
In celebration of your birthday
We shared the cake
Though most of it was eaten by you
Just about then
You started to violate rules
You started to leave puddles all over the place
And your free space was slowly reduced
To only the living room
You also bit me for the first time
And how mad I was at you then
We spent less time with you
As time slipped past
We were busy with work and studies
But you were there for us all the same
Not uttering a complaint
Which was why we thought you were mute
Until the time you first barked at a visitor
You weren't allowed out of the house
Though at first we did take you out
For occasional walks with the three stooges
And washed your paws
Blowed them dry
And powdered them with care
We took turns to give you your bath
And I had a love-hate relationship
With that particular task
Slowly you were weaned from milk
And breakfast altogether
You had meals with canned food instead
And boiled anchovies every blue moon
For some unfathomable reason
Your named was lengthened further
To Sir Duke Lancelot aka Latte Shoopuf
After the fictional creature in FFX
And we called you 'Dukie'
Or 'naughty little mutt'
Or other nicknames we thought of
Every other day
But I called you baby
Because you we're like one to me
Past the years
We celebrated one more of your birthdays
And the third one
We won't be able to be celebrating it
Because you'd be gone
Perhaps to a better home
I'll always remember
The way you surprised dad with your presence
The way you pushed away your blanket when you slept
The way you wormed into everyone's hearts
And left your pawprint on mine
I'm sorry for the times I hurt you
I'm sorry for the times I neglected you for material things
I'm sorry I didn't take better responsibility for you
For if I did
You wouldn't be going away
Thanks for being part of my life
Thanks for being there for me when no one else was
Thanks for giving me a few extra scars
For that's one way I'll remember you always
I didn't have much of a life before you came
And also thanks for adding more colour to my life
I've never cried so badly before
Even when dad left for China
I tried to divert my attention from you
But it just made me more depressed
I hope I'll be able to get over it eventually
And I hope the same for you
I also hope you'd remember me
The next time we meet
Be a good boy
Treat your new owners
The way you treated us
With love and perseverance
And your stubborn personality
And your wet greeting when they return home
Live a good life
You've still got many years more to live
And think of me whenever you can
I'll think of you for the rest of my life
And keep a part of my love for you always
With love from
Someone who'll miss you a lot

Wednesday, August 18, 2010




*反胃~* =P

呜呜~~ T__T

去Pusat Komuniti
在我们去Endah Parade
hair spray用到很多咧
当然自恋啦~ XD

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pep talks

我又考虑过学mass com

IACT College的册子

就是叫GazeRock is not dead


去pasar malam买


Makeup tag~~

* What's your Favorite Makeup Look???

A dark brown smokey eye, strong fierce-looking brows, pinkish-nude lips, minimal blush and my wacky personality XD

* What part of your Body do you Love??

Er.. I think it would be my eyes, if not my hands. I'm blessed with bright eyes (though they're getting more and more panda-like now) and long fingers~

* Who is your beauty Icon??

MissChievous and Michelle Phan. They're tutorials on makeup, beauty and hairstyling are awesome!

* What Beauty Product makes you Feel instantly Good???

A pore-refining mask. My skin feels beautifully, blissfully matte and smooth after using it~

* How do you look after your skin??

I have a morning and night regimen. In the morning I do the usual plus sunblock. I only wash my face in the afternoon and use a mask every once in a while. At night after cleansing and toner, I use a detox serum, then moisturizer and eye-cream.

* What is your Signature Scent!!??

I have no idea. I wear L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume and Gucci Envy to school, depending on the time I have on my hands. For events and shopping trips etc, I use Ferragamo Incanto Shine or Lancome Tresor.

* What's your hair care secrets?

Always use conditioner and comb your hair, preferably with a cherry wood comb (can be found in special Chinese shops and stalls) then a fine toothed comb. I only blow dry my hair with cool air. And every morning before going out I apply some hair-smoothing serum.

* How do you pamper yourself?

I'm not sure

* Finally How do you have a Beauty Philosophy??

Less is more. Don't pile on the makeup just to look like .................... (insert name). You're you, there's no point dressing up into someone you're not. Always only focus the makeup (that doesn't include the face, keep use of foundation to a minimum) to a certain feature on the face, which is the eyes or the lips, doing both would makeup you look either like a clown or a drag queen.

If your reading this, then i tag you! :)

My Life According to the GazettE

My Life According to ...(insert band or artist name)

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, answer these questions. Pass it on to whoever you think might like it and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

Pick Your Artist:
the GazettE ガゼット

Are you a male or female:
Reila - [reila] Lesson (2005)

Describe yourself:
Miseinen 未成年 - Miseinen (2004)

How do you feel:
Crucify Sorrow - Filth in the Beauty (2006)

Describe where you currently live:

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Cassis - Cassis (2005)

Your favorite form of transportation:
OGRE - DIM (2009)

Your best friend is:
Psychedelic Heroine - REGRET (2006)

You and your best friends are:
☆Best Friends☆ - Super Margarita (2006)

What's the weather like:

What's your favorite time:
Wakaremichi 別れ道 - Wakaremichi (2002)

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
THE MURDER'S TV - Hankou seimei bun (2003)

What is life to you:

Your most recent relationship:
Filth in the Beauty - Filth in the Beauty (2006)

Your fear:

What is the best advice you have to give:
Maximum impulse - DISORDER (2004)

Thought for the Day:
Bath Room - NIL (2006)

How I would like to die:
The End - NIL (2006)

My soul's present condition:
Art Drawn by Vomit - STACKED RUBBISH (2007)

My motto:

Saturday, August 14, 2010


弄到我也想学 =P










Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random tips I

Ever watched/read/listened to a real tear-jerker at night and wake up with oh-my-gawd puffy eyes? Here's what you can do - wash your face like normal, then after applying your toner (make sure there's enough toner on the cotton pad [never apply directly to your face], it should feel just moist) and put it over your eye for a minute or so. The coolness of the toner will help reduce the puffiness. I use Dermalogica's Multi-Active Toner which contains skin-repairing aloe, moisture-binding humectants plus soothing lavender, balm mint and amica. Another option is to get an ice cube, whether plain or made from fruit juice or tea (green tea is good), wrap it in a hanky (or any other clean cloth) and gently apply it to the affected area(s). If those two still don't work, your last resort is makeup. =)

Here's a little recipe for your homemade thousand island sauce. In my opinion, it's more economical and delicious compared to store-bought thousand island sauce. Take two hugigantic tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise (I used Lady's Choice Real Mayo), two rather level tablespoonfuls of ketchup (I used Heinz Ketchup) and around a teaspoon of chilli sauce. The red sauces can be adjusted to suit individual tastes. You could also use the packet sauces you get when you order or take-away at fast food restaurants (in Malaysia and Singapore anyways).

You want a healthier lifestyle but don't want to live like a rabbit. This pasta salad would be perfect for everyone (seriously, everyone). 500g of cooked macaroni (I used elbows, but other would do fine =]), oil-drizzled and chilled; one portion of the thousand island sauce (refer to recipe above); one can of tna flakes/chunks in oil (vegetarians can omit this, and for full flavour avoid light or white tuna); two to three bell peppers, seeded and diced; lettuce leaves (as green as possible), shredded; one or two Japanese cucumbers, seeded and diced; two to three tomatoes, seeded and diced. Make sure everything is chilled, then mix everything together (remember to flake the tuna if it's chunked), chill another while and voila~!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lazy lazy lazy... Lazy to do every damn thing, but still have to do it...

Wanna play with makeup, but then I dread the thought of applying everything then having to use half the amount of time that I used to apply it. =P And now I'm trying to bully my sis into washing the dog's pee tray for me (it's actually my job, but she doesn't do anything anyway =P).

The Bulan Puasa (fasting month) for Muslims have just started today, and we all got off from classes at 12.30pm. For an entire month from now, we'll be let off from school earlier, even if we have days which classes last till 1.40pm usually. We got a preaching this morning about the 'purity' of the fasting month. Yes, you fast and it's the most sacred thing to do of the year. It's you people who tell us that we want to achieve the 1Malaysia vision, so stop preaching.

Same to those of you who are Christians. Not that I'm racist or have religious biases, but it's just too much! It's good to be extremely dedicated and loyal to the god you worship, but there's no necessity in trying to make people do the same. I'll stop here before I go into full throttle mode... =P

Everyone's a hypocrite at some point, there's no point denying that. So before you start scolding people fo being unattentive and noisy in class, please have a look at yourself. Although you do pay attention in class and ask questions endlessly (也不就是擦鞋咯), half the day you're asleep, and you also talk in class. You know who I'm talking about, so there's no need to be doubtful. =)

Hate my life right now...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Food post

I've wanted to do this post for ages, but just haven't got down to doing it. Here I'm gonna post pics of food I've eaten or come across in various places. If I can, I'll list down the price and place (though I can't provide accurate addresses). Enjoy~

Three-flavoured chicken rice - chicken pieces cooked in a special sauce. From Dragon Pearl Restaurant (same row as Home Pet, Seri Petaling, near SMK Seri Saujana, a few doors down from Super Food) - RM6

Stewed beef belly with radish. The name says it all, special dish at Yang Kee, those of you who know the OUG area should know where it is, it's near the OUG market, but if you want it you better get there early. Price currently unknown.

Beef noodles, also from Yang Kee. You can order your choice of beef or pork noodles, plus the type of (Chinese) noodles you want. It's a fixed price for every bowl of noodles, I think. If you don't like beef OR pork, there's yong tau foo available, so it's suitable for the entire family~ XD

Tom yam fried rice, also from Dragon Pearl Restaurant. There are three sizes, small, medium and large. Unless you're sharing, I wouldn't recommend ordering this (of course, unless your appetite is big enough). This is the small sized one and it's a really large amount. - RM6/8 =P

If you really like fish head bee hoon, then this is for you. The restaurant is located in Taman Desa, a few blocks away from the 100Yen shop. Each bowl of noodles (this is the fish paste bee hoon, medium-sized) costs RM6.50, economical as opposed to Dragon Pearl's RM7 and Man Sifu's RM7.30+.

My first vegetarian meal out of the house, vegetarian pan mee. I never knew how much this costed, 'cause my aunt suddenly turned up while I was eating and paid for it despite my declines. =P The estaurant is located on the same row as Nalanda Book Cafe, after the Seri Petaling Police Station.

Curry noodles and milk tea from Uncle Chong's Kopitiam in Endah Parade (right beside where the ship was). The curry noodles too spicy for one to taste anything else and the clams were unfresh. The milk tea was mediocre. - RM4.50 (curry noodles), RM1.30 (milk tea)

This is the tuna sandwich from Green Apple (The Store, opposite Leo's). There was barely tuna and I could've made a better one myself at home. =P - RM2.50/RM3.50

Green Apple tom yam noodles, with a selection of noodles to choose from. Great if you're looking for something real spicy. XD - approx. RM6.20

I had this a few months back in Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley Megamall (east wing, next to Madam Kwan's). It was the dessert of the month, which is the Tofu Cheesecake. It may sound weird, and it tasted a bit weird, but I liked it. It has the mild taste of tofu while the cheesecake is put in by thin layers, so you just get that bite of cheesecake. - RM15+

KFC's (at that time) new product, the Toasted Pocketful. It's something like that roll thingy earlier on, chicken fillet in a tortilla with bits of tacos and cheese. This is the X-Meal set, which includes the new product, a piece of chicken, a drink (default is Mountain Dew) and a Cheezy Wedges. - RM12.40 (RM0.50 tax)

Home-made strawberry shortcake. =) I never liked strawberry flavoured stuff, but this cake captured my heart. Sponge cake bottom, a layer of home-made strawberry jam, the other half of a sliced-in-half sponge cake, whipped cream with (icing) sugar and for deco a strawberry (optional). =)

I've heard of shrunken heads, but have you heard of shrunken KFC? I bet you haven't, it's the newest thing! It's like the regular KFC, the chicken burger, the fries, etc, but in miniature size! Small as in really small. Fuck Seri Petaling branch KFC.

I've been wanting to taste this cake for ages. The Classic cheese cake from Secret Recipe. - RM7+

Home-made cream of pumpkin soup, and trust me, you'll fall in love with it. XD

I thought roti chocolate as in melted chocolate, I didn't know it meant chocolate powder. Available at Asfar Maju Restaurant (mamak). - RM1.50+

Sorry for the weird alignment. =P If you live in Singapore, it's most likely that you've heard of a chain of restaurants and cafes by the name of Old Hong Kong. The Old Hong Kong Teahouse is located in Tanjong Katong, next to the old Katong Mall (it's to be demolished, I've heard). Deelish and perfect if you like floats and need a wake up call, though Maroon 5 could also do that. XD

Old Town Kopitiam's Coffee Lava. It's basically coffee, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate powder on top.

It's not from outer space, it's nyonya teh tarik. A little twist to the Malaysian favourite available at The Nyonya One (opposite Shell Station in Seri Petaling). =)

My favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE cheesecake on earth, Morozoff's white cheesecake (translation from the large container) with cake sauce. =) Morozoff is a confectionery company (I think) in Japan. They also sell cookies (langue de chat cookies and white/milk chocolate). The sauce comes is mango, blueberry and strawberry.

This is actually a regular bowl of noodles, don't be fooled by the mushroom. It so happened that I wanted Mamee tom yam noodles and had some mushrooms and crabsticks in store, so I made use of them. =D

Best of both worlds, peach and lemon shandy. =)

McD's Hotcakes. It's basically just pancakes, you can make this at home by yourself. XD - RM4 (plus a coffee/tea)

Hotplate curry chicken rice. Available somewhere in PJ. XDXDXD

Home-made wantan noodles. Soup made using water, minimal seasonings and maximum natural flavours like veggies and pork slices. The noodles are actually dumpling skins. XD

Random fried spaghetti. Cook your spaghetti, put it in a wok and add your desired stuffs. =)

Super easy fried chicken with mashed potato. Season the chicken, coat it with (salt or flour, I forgot), then deep fry. Adding some (fresh) dill to the potatoes will improve the flavour. =)

This is the day I watched 'Despicable Me' (Gru~). The last slice of pizza was cut in half, and this is what happened.

Fizzy Mango from Green Apple. - RM3

Home-made double chocolate cake. What I put in was a whole bar of chocolate chunks. XD

Dory and potato gratin, again, home-made.

Deep fried brinjal from Wah Sing. It's in a building opposite the Guiness Anchor Berhad factory in PJ.

This restaurant is also in Katong (I think)... It's called Different Taste, and this is the curry fish head~~~~~

Cornflakes coated with chocolate in cups. =)

Another Japanese product - Champs de Shizuoka. It's actually a wafer with (??????) filling.

Ate this at Domino's Pizza - it's carbonara baked rice~

Dunno what cookie. It tastes buttery and has chocolate rice all over the top.

Bloody banana cracker. XD

Black pepper chicken chop with rice at Secret Recipe~~

First time eating tang yuan, and inside is deelish melted heavenly chocolate~ This is before chocolate. (it's soya milk)
This is after chocolate. I took a bite and the chocolate oozed out and into the soya milk. XD

Anglia shandy or Seasons Soya milk? You decide.