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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gonna gain weight

Carnival + housewarming = weight gain.

School's carnival - the opening ceremony kinda sucked, the guest of honor came in a JPKP polo shirt and track pants, matched with running shoes. The part that sucked most was the ucapans, as usual.

My breakfast consisted of spaghetti from the Christian Fellowship stall. The sauce was a regular bolognese sauce, which wasn't what I expected after Li Ann ranted about how special it was, though it did have a rather special tang to it. This is mine, with a bit of a product manufacturer's label on top of the cheese on top of the sauce on top of the pasta itself.

Apart from that, everything else pretty much sucked. The supposed song dedication charged RM2 per song, and each song was played until just past the first chorus. The Tarian Singa stall keepers should have just pointed a knife at someone - RM2 just to beat on the drum a couple of times. I lepaked around with AhWin, Sherman and Keane for most of the morning. Went home at around 11+am.

Slept till around 3+pm, the started getting ready to go for the birthday/housewarming dinner at Janet's new house in Tropicana.

I think I'm close to physically becoming a 'lala' girl. Kinda hard to describe exactly what that means, but usually 'lala' people follow Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese trends from top to toe, have a sufficient number of piercings (though none stretched that I've seen so far), and usually they wear cosmetic lenses and love thick eyeliner.

My favorite feature of the house - this walk-in wardrobe, though not as large as the ones in the movies. The next one being this multi-bulbed light at the staircase.

The food was excellent, particularly the garlicky scallops, crouton-ed shrimp balls, roast lamb with mint sauce and caviar on hard-boiled eggs. The egg yolks were taken out, mixed with salt, pepper and something else, then piped back on into an intricately carved hard-boiled egg white, topped with caviar~~

As for the birthday cake for the birthday boy, they ordered the race car cake from Secret Recipe, complete with three plastic race car toys. The outer part of the cake was gum paste (according to CK, freakin' solid =P).

And here are the three stooges:
Found this after bathing my own stooge at home, before taking him to the vet for his vaccine injection. One consultation costs RM200+. o.O

Friends are the most valuable people you have around you. Thanks for being mine and being there for me when I needed you.

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