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Monday, June 28, 2010

Visual kei

After around a whole year of listening to visual kei, I've also noticed something else - that their hair and makeup look more or less the same (of course Phantasmagoria's stand out much more, especially Kisaki and Riku XD). As for their hair, well, it's also pretty similar...

Phantasmagoria - Ba. Kisaki (from Google)

As much as I love these guys and their creativity, I can't help but feel a teeny weeny bit frustrated when I see an almost identical replica of makeup and/or hairstyle. For example, I saw Uruha's double eyelid makeup on another talented VK artiste (forgot the name =P). And I'm watching SuG's Scheat PV right now, and I've noticed that the guitarist on the left hand side dons a similar hairstyle (dreadlock ponytail) as Ruki's in Filth in the Beauty.

Contact lenses are not to be left out. You'll notice that many VK artistes have blue, green, or violet eyes, not to mention really eye-catching ones like white and yellow (I love those~), or a different colour for each eye. But if you happen to come across their pictures without makeup whatsoever (I have a few of GazettE's), you'll see that they actually look like any other person on the street (not their talent though, they're awesome~!), same goes with their eyes. Being Asian, they usually have dark brown eyes.

Juliette - Gt. Yumeru (wearing F-26 lens, available from, pic from, J-rockers' Gallery)

TOP: Versailles - Vo. Kamijo; BOTTOM: the GazettE - Vo. Ruki (both wearing F-50, available from, pics from, J-rockers' Gallery)

D'espairsRay - Vo. Hizumi (wearing F-46 lenses, available from, pic from, J-rockers' Gallery)

Ayabie - Vo. Aoi (wearing F-48 on left eye and F43 on right eye, available from, pic from, J-rockers' Gallery)

Clothes are a personal thing, yet I think they also look quite alike (excluding Versailles and Phantasmagoria).

Versailles (before Jasmine You's demise)
Phantasmagoria (disbanded, Vo. Riku joined Chariots)

Their music videos are just uber-awesome~ XD Among my favourites are the GazettE's Taion, Versailles' The Revenant Choir, Phantasmagoria's Gensoukyoku Eternal Silence, Phantasmagoria's Kyousoukyoku Cruel Crucible, SuG's Love Scream Party, Kagrra's Utakata, and a few more, I can't remember them right now... =P

Now for trademark features, which means one special feature that makes the fans remember them clearly. For example, the GazettE - Ba. Reita's noseband, Phantasmagoria - Vo. Riku's multiple lip piercings, the GazettE - Vo. Ruki's eye makeup, neck stripes and contact lenses, the GazettE - Gt. Uruha's sexy legs (XD), Miyavi's (formerly of Due le Quartz, now joined superband S.K.I.N with Gackt, Sugizo and Yoshiki, session member being Ju-Ken (Ba.) from GacktJob) lip and brow piercing, tattoo and love for pink, etc~~~
the GazettE - Ba. Reita (real name Suzuki Akira)
Phantasmagoria - Vo. Riku
the GazettE - Vo. Ruki (real name Matsumoto Takenori)
the GazettE - Gt. Uruha (real name Takashima Kouyou~)
MIyavi (real name Ishihara Takamasa, currently married to Japanese pop singer Melody, they have a daughter named Lovelie/Airi (Japanese) Miyavi Ishihara, born 29/7/2009)
To sum everything up, it's no matter how they dress or how they look like (though the genre is called 'visual' kei), it's the music that really defines them as artistes.

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  1. OMG! Thanks for telling me what eye contacts they are wearing!!~!