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Thursday, June 17, 2010


One thing I hate more than failed liner or hair that won't obey is a shiny face, mine in this case. I naturally have oily skin, so usually on a warm day my skin gets oily, especially on the nose, on my T-zone and my cheeks. This sheen usually makes you look sweaty and dirty. Also, some creams that is used for the face (i.e. sunscreens, etc) is pretty sticky, and usually sticky creams lead to shiny skin.

Don't mistaken, your skin needs some oils. I, for one, used to rub my nose with a tissue if its oily to the point that I look like Rudolph. How wrong I was. There are many known ways for oil control, the most popular being using blotting papers. While using blotting papers, try not to drag your skin so much, do it gently. You could also use tissues, though all you do is press it to your skin with your fingers for a while. I think... =P

Especially when you're wearing makeup, oil and sweat makes the products run. To avoid this, use powder~! Not talc powder, per se, but those powders designed for facial use. I use Pigeon Compact Baby Powder in Beige and Laneige Sliding Pact in Natural No. 1 Bright and Splendid Skin (I think) with SPF24. My makeup focuses on the eyes and brows, so usually my face is free of product except for a tiny bit of blush and/or concealer at times. Note: select a powder than matches your skin tone.

If you have makeup all over your face, you would want to use a small fluffy brush, get some powder and just apply it where you'll oil later. If you have a more or less makeup-free face, use a large fluffy brush (i.e. blush brush, fan brush, etc, I prefer to use brushes over the sponge, 'cause the sponge doesn't really pick up the powder or apply well), get all the bristle tips loaded with powder and gently swipe across your face. And voila~! You are now oil-proofed for the next few hours~ =)

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