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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's the holidays, why am I at home?

So... Apart from the little from-tuition-centre-to-Endah-Parade-then-back-home trip, I haven't been out of the house, though this is only day 5. First off...


I've been playing with my makeup stuffs today and I tried out the Avatar Inspired look by Michelle Phan ( Though I didn't have the materials she used, I compromised by substituting the cream/gel liner with pigmented eyeshdow. It turned out quite nice, but my attempt at Emeraude's 2in1 V-Kei inspired Gothic Vampire look for girls and boys ( didn't turn out quite as nicely. What happened was I used my mascara as liquid liner (BIG MISTAKE!) 'cause I didn't have liquid liner, my eyeliner pencil just died a couple of days ago and my gel liner is brown. The result was a black eye with clumps all over the place (and it stuck on my fluffy brush =s).

This is officially the 39th day of my piercing stretching plan, and I already have 45 retainers in the piercing, despite the pain (I actually kinda like it XD). During that little after-tuition rant, I checked out the flesh tunnels and such at Top One Silver. I didn't really see the kind that I was looking for (think Nana Kitade and Ruki of the GazettE), but the others there were priced between RM9.90 (those cheap, plastics ones, pretty small, though) and RM25.90 (stainless steel, spiked and long, didn't see big ones). My objective? To at least be able to fit those straws that come with the Taiwanese bubble milk teas you get at night markets into my piercing.

I'm going nuts. I pore over contact lens online stores, I bombard YouTube, listening to songs I haven't listened to in quite a while (The Revenant choir [Versailles], Aristocrats' Symphony [Versailles], Hello [hyde], Cape of Storms [hyde], Countdown [hyde], Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto [Gackt]), and more or less went in and out ceaselessly on Facebook. My other alternatives are to blog, which I'm doing now, or eat, and I don't think I'm gonna do that 'cause I've already swerved from my no-dinner and 2000-crunches-a-night practice. =P

Call me naive, whatever, but I just don't talk to my exs, let alone socialize with them. I would think that any person in their right mind would take a full-on boycot as a 'leave me alone' message. He can't be that stupid, can he? It's hard to say. It might not be stupidity, it may be just bone-headedness. There are a surprising amount of people like that in the world, and maybe it's just because I'm really insensitive or I'm just immune to all that whatever-you-call-it.

I watched this vid on J-Qi's Facebook the other day and I laughed myself to tears, now my sis and I are hooked. It's actually a programme on a Singaporean radio station called Muttons to Midnight which is pretty close to a parody. They modified One Republic's Apologize into a Valentine's tragedy special. They interpreted James Blunt's You're Beautiful and Hoobastank's Reason. Watch it, I can almost guarantee 100% that you'll be howling with laughter. XD

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