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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beef noodles?

I was online till 4am last night, and was woken up at around 1pm for lunch. My sis was having her tuition classes at 2.30pm, so we went for something nearby. Well, it's not exactly nearby, but near enough. I tried going all the way to Teluk Gong once for seafood. =P

I think this shop is quite popular since it's almost always jam-packed and I've seen a few familiar faces around on a couple of occasions. I forgot when and how we started coming here, but it's near the OUG market, opposite the pet shop.

There's lots of stuff on the menu, mainly beef - beef ball noodles, beef noodles, beef spares noodles and the best of all - beef belly and radish noodles. You could order the beef belly + radish as a side dish on its own, but if you want it you gotta get there early, 'cause it sells like hot cakes.

The main course are the noodles (with beef of course), which are available in soup and 'dry'. Personally I prefer the 'dry' version as putting the stuff in the soup takes most of the flavour away, though the meat is served separately in a bowl of soup.

There are other things available, like pork noodles and yong tou foo. And the really good thing about everything there - they're all home-made~! Which means minimum on preservatives, colouring, etc, and basically less chemicals then those instant stuffs. =P

It's no high class restaurant, so ladies, put your stilettos to one side, this is THE family restaurant - laid back, traditional Chinese and ... anyway, it's a family-friendly place. Pricing, though, it's pretty pricey. The price for 4 small bowls of noodles plus the beef radish and some fried dumplings - RM59. (I think, I can't remember =P)

LOCATION - 6/10 [It's right beside a market, though parking could be a problem.]
FOOD - 9/10 [Absolutely delicious, except for the noodles which are in soup. =s]
SERVICE - 8/10 [It's fast, but they have a frequent tendancy to mix up orders.]
VALUE FOR MONEY - 8/10 [Although a little pricey, the servings are in not very large but practical sizes, and the taste heavenly XD]
Ps. I forgot to take pics of the food. =x

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