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Saturday, March 6, 2010

New lens~~!

Hi-ho! I got my lens! Vincent passed them to Yeanchi who passed it to Sheautorng who passed it to me on her Chap Goh Mei open house day. The people she invited were mainly people I wasn't really close with, so I left at 1.30pm. Upon arriving home I immediately opened them. I originally thought they were Geo nudys, but I got Princess Nudys. Oh well...

After they were opened the most unfortunate thing happened - one of the lens was torn. So now I walk around the house with lens in one eye and none in the other, alternating between left and right everyday. Thinking about getting another pair, but where to find the same colour. Both Geo and Princess have Nudy violet lens, but in my opinion the Princess Nudys have a more sharp, beautiful color compared with the Geo Nudys, though the Princess costs RM10 more than the Geos. Another reason why I love the Princess Nudys is that it's lens diameter is 14.5mm, whereas the Geos are just 14.0mm~! In terms of comfort, I can't make any comments as I haven't worn the Geo Nudys before, but the Princess Nudys are comfortable enough~ =)

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