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Friday, March 19, 2010

Double eyelid makeup comparison

Everyone who knows me enough should know that I'm head over heels obsessed with Takashima Kouyou aka Uruha-sama from the GazettE~ He was the one who catapulted me into the guitar and makeup world. Among the GazettE members, his eyes are his trademark, though Ruki's neck makeup is unbeatable - double eyelid makeup. His eyes are actually pretty small (you'll find the pics on Google). I tried this look a few times, and failed, always because of the crease line and the blending of black between the patch of shadow at the lid and the crease. I finally did it. =D

So here's a few pics of the original look on Uruha-sama:

This one's makeup looks like Ruki's... =P
My attempt:
You'll find on my previous post. =)

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