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Friday, February 5, 2010


I have in total three different brands of makeup removers: (from left)

  1. TheFaceShop Migamsu Brightening Rice Water cleansing emulsion
  2. Natural Cleansing Cream Japanese Charcoal (from Daiso Japan)
  3. Dermalogica Precleanse
All three are wonderful, but each product is more suitable for a particular area of the face.
TheFaceShop Migamsu cleansing emulsion I would recommend for removing facial makeup like bronzer, liquid foundation, blush, contouring products, etc. It's light and should be tissued off thoroughly after. Not recommended for heavy eye makeup removal as it stings the eye a little. A rather small amount is usually required, so a standard bottle could last for a long period of time.
Natural Cleansing Cream Japanese Charcoal may be purchased at Daiso Japan. Daiso is Japan's No.1 ranking livingware supplier. The few branches I know are - IMM, Singapore; Sungei Wang, KL; and I heard that there's one in IOI Mall, Selangor. Daiso provides a skincare range using Japanese charcoal as the main ingredient - cleansing cream, facial wash, mask and nose pack, I think. This cleansing cream is most suitable for removing eye makeup, light or heavy. It doesn't sting the eye, unless you accidentally get some onto your eyeball, but even if you do it doesn't sting much. Apply, massage till all makeup is dissolved, then tissue off, followed by facial wash. The con of this product is that sometimes it doesn't remove all of the makeup, and has to be applied and tissued off a number of times till the makeup is completely removed. It comes in a standard size tube and could be used for a long period if it is used in appropriate amounts.
Dermalogica Precleanse I would recommend for removing heavy facial makeup such as dramatic facial makeup for festive looks, heavy blusher or bronzer, dark lipstick, etc. A milder cleanser would be recommended as the precleanse is very strong, stripping the skin of its moisture. Massaged on the face with a little water until the makeup is removed, then washed off with warm water. Usually it uses quite a lot of product to remove makeup on the whole face, but if used in appropriate amounts, one small bottle could last for quite long.
My favourite is the Natural Cleansing Cream as it is gentle yet strong enough to remove most of my makeup. Being a makeup junkie (sort of), I experiment everyday, usually with goth and visual kei-oriented looks.
Please comment on my first ever review. =P


  1. I really don't agree that Dermalogica Precleanse strips the skin?! It is a lovely oil - you are meant to massage it in without ANY water at first - and it is a lovely silky oil - this first part starts to dissolve all the dirt and oils associated with makeup and the daily grind. You then add a little water into the mix and the oil then emulsifies and lifts away the dirt and oil (you'll see it change to a milky solution on your skin. Precleanse is as the name suggests just the first step in the cleansing routine and should be followed by a usual cleanser. I use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which is a very soft and gentle exfoliant. I have really greasy skin, but can use Precleanse without any worries and I find it leaves my skin soft, smooth, clean and fresh (smelling and feeling). As it is full of natural oils it shouldn't strip anyone's skin! There is nothing in there like alcohol to remove oil - it is designed to balance and enhance the natural lipids within the skin. I really love the product and reviewed it here, and also wrote an article about the benefits of double cleansing here.

    I get all my stuff from a place calledJersey Beauty Company who do really cheap prices (well. comparatively!) on dermalogica stuff. My skin has really been transformed by using it so sorry if I sound like a bit of product freak!


  2. But I still find the Dermalogica Precleanse very stinging on the eyes. I've been using it for around 3 months already (my mum's stock =P), no matter how careful I am with the product, it stings the eyes even after I wash out all the product and wipe off the water, same with my sister, but my mum doesn't seem to have the same problem. o.o