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Friday, January 29, 2010

End of Jan..

So quickly it's the end of January... I'm taking what seems like my third trip to Penang this month... =P It's January 29th today, which means it's hyde's birthday... Otanjyoubi omedetou gosaimasu, haido-sama.. I freakin' totally forgot. I had that kind of weird feeling about today for the whole day, turns out that I forgot his birthday... What kind of fan am I? Ugh...

It's been quite some time since I've listened to Paramore's Decode... Mum brought back the New Moon DVD, but we haven't gotten round to watching it yet... T.T Finally finished our exams though... I've been trying emo makeup lately, inspired by MissChievous's teen week video 'trilogy' on her YouTube channel and her blog posted some time ago, the first of the three videos being the tutorial for the trendy emo makeup, which consists of black surrounding the whole eye.

Stupid sukan tara and merciless sun... We had our sukan tara on Wednesday and Thursday, and being more or less the only photographer on the Editorial Board (XinYi just joined the photography department and we're now recruiting new Editorial members =]), I had to take pictures of the whole hour long event under the scorching sun for 2 days. I got sunburn after that... =P

I want Geo Nudy Purple lens... We got into a real 'high' discussion about cosmetic lens around the start of the week, and they were telling me that there was a stall at the nearby pasar malam on Tuesday that sells cosmetic lens. The lens are authentic Geo lens, but mum didn't trust pasar malam stuff and would rather buy an RM80 pair from licenced optical shops rather than the price Vincent or the dealer offers, which is around RM25 (if you're a member) to RM45 (Vincent's price). What's more, she's only temporarily paying. Right after CNY I'll have to pay her back with my ang pow money. =s

Now I'm awaiting news from mum's colleague who has a friend who works at an optical shop in Sg Wang. Hopefully there'll be Geo lens wherever he or she works, and hopefully I'll get it before CNY and at a price under RM50...

OMG... I'm thinking about Chan Hoong again... XP Just browsing through CK's old school mag when I came to a stop at Kelab Bola Keranjang. Ka Wah was so adorable in the pic~! Yen Han and the gang... Ogei...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


You could say that I kinda don't like school, but anyway, who doesn't? Except for some sick wackos who actually like school 'cause there are lots of things to learn. If it weren't for my buddies, I would have already become a nerd, or worse, died from boredom.
I'm reminiscing. I'm listening to old Gackt songs. I just found out that Phantasmagoria more or less disbanded a while ago... That means no more goth singles... T__T Riku joined a band called Chariots. So far I've only listened to Doku and Ware, but both were good. I like the band members, reminds me a bit of γ‚«γ‚Όγƒƒγƒˆ... XD
I ate at Yogurt Boyz for the first time one Wednesday with the girls + Sherman. It looked like the McD vanilla sundae, but it tasted kinda nice. I had the original, with Koko Krunch and marshmallows, choc sauce and a very light sprinkle of coloured rice. It was goooood... *drools*
Then there was the trip to Penang (again) with aunt. It's amazing how nature works. I don't think you often see such a large dog actually playing with a Min-Pin.
Still with the Penang trip, we had lunch at Komtar at a place called ... I forgot the name. =P I had a laksa with an iced white coffee... To be truthful I never really knew how to appreciate white coffee, till now... XD Speaking of coffee, if you ever drop by Old Town Kopitiam, be sure to avoid the hazelnut white coffee. The nut flavour overpowers the coffee, and it's kinda nauseating. That's for the Seri Petaling branch, I dunno about other branches.

My second trip to Capri Cuisine with the girls, plus Ken Min and Sherman. I had Set A2, plus an extra coffee pudding with chocolate sauce. It was more or less only the chocolate sauce that I tasted, but the pudding was nice and firm. Deelish, for RM4.30.
We had out Chinese paper today, on a Saturday. The mobile phone fair at The Store is gonna end tomorrow, yet I still don't have my Aino... T____T

Friday, January 15, 2010


It's my turn to be a senior, again. I've been working as hard as I can to do all my homework and read everything the teacher instructed. I really kinda regret wasting last year away sleeping in class. I don't understand simultaneous equations, logarithms, and most other basic stuff. Especially those questions which tell you to express this equation in terms of something. Grr... Been thinking of taking tuition, but I haven't really got round to doing it yet, gotta hurry up... =P

I'm so not used to the current lifestyle - no PC. Last year there was CK's laptop, but now she's in Penand doing industrial training, so I'll have to wait till weekends before I can use the PC. We're going for another trip to Penang, this time with the gods. They're driving up from S'pore, then we're driving up to Penang.

I lost and found my sunnies, but I still can't find my socks. Oh well... I'm reading this Malay novel called Konserto Terakhir, which is about this guy going to the city to get a job with the help of his long-time-no-see, rich and prestegious uncle and everything that happened consecutively. In a way it's pretty interesting, but the Malay literature is a little too much for my brains.

I stayed back for the photography club meeting today and the attendance was miserable compared to the Interact Club's meeting next door. The meeting was cancelled and I had to walk home. On the way I saw "flower"'s brother, who kinda hid behind a pillar when he saw me, giving me the feeling that I was being stalked. =P I just downloaded the Nausea and Shudder concert vid from Wisely, but it can't be played on my phone. T___T Oh how I crave for the Aino...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Once-in-a-blue-moon trip...

Oho... School has reopened and I missed the orientation. Drat. First day of school and they dumped the whole pile of textbooks on us, like the first day of school isn't busy enough. I dropped almost all of my books on the bus. Gawd, I felt like throwing myself off a cliff then.

The rest of the week was just like any other days in my life. It was only during the 2nd time we had Biology that I Yuriko spilled her guts to me. Not telling you what. =P We're having our first exams on 18th January, and since I'm gonna face my SPM this year, I gotta perk up.

On Saturday morning, mum woke me up to go to Sg Wang to shop for MX's winterboots. Oho... Went from shop to shop to shop until she finally found a pair that fitted her giant feet. They cost... I dunno how much they cost, I didn't ask. then went around and around looking at clothes that might be suitable for CNY. Unfortunately all the pretty dresses were so fucking short. The boots and shoes were oh-so-desirable if it weren't for the absurd height. My main target? - gladiator wedges, but still too tall.

So, so, so, we looked around, suddenly remembering that I wanted to get a chainlink belt. Stopped by E*Jewellery to go through a whole rotating rack of chainlink belts of all designs. I chose one that was simple yet classy (in my opinion) and was easy to match.

Walk, walk, walk, and oh, there's a Daiso Japan in Sg Wang, what are the odds. The price was pretty much the same: S$2=RM4.95. Here the price is RM5 per item, 5 sen difference. The main things on the shopping list: charcoal mask and microfibre cloths. No mask, but there were cloths, and there were also shadow palettes. We got three, one blue themed, one green themed and one 12-color palette. On the way back to the carpark, I got my new sneaks! Fitting size this time. XD
Home, home, home we went then got ready for dinner at Fatty Mok at around 6.45pm. Before that I played with black eyeshadow and my angled brush. Since I don't have liquid liner and don't know how to use liquid liner, I had to use something else. XD It turned out quite good, using black eyeshadow as liquid liner (although it's not as sharp as liquid), but I didn't take pics. Drat. Had oh-so-deelish curry noodles, got home, did homework, sleep...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

Yet another year has passed. By the end of the year, I'll be taking my qualifying exams, hopefully I can summon up the will power to study and prepare for the exam ahead.

Thursday, I went to XY's place for New Year's countdown event. Yay! Steamboat, fondue, and lots of shandy! The steamboat was delicious, courtesy of XY, Kern Wei and their parents. =) We chatted, played, and watched TV while enjoying the delish and nutty fondue. *drools* We had a brief game of Malaysian version Monopoly. At 12am we went out for the official countdown, and that was it. The guys went out to see fireworks, and I stayed back to wait for my ride home.

We went to Penang on Friday to drop CK off at Daniel's place. We had Dave's Deli lunch at Queensbay Mall, then Daniel guided mum to his place. We unloaded CK's stuff, then went to our hotel - Evergreen Laurel Hotel - to spend the rest of the day and night. We all - except mum - had our share of a soak in the tub. XD

We then watched the front part of the Pink Panther 2 (I love it when Aishwarya Rai came into the team so unexpectedly), then went out to look for dinner. There was Coffee Bean, Roadhouse Grill, a few other restaurants and Subway to choose from. We decided on Subway. Our first experience with Subway was a disaster - we had lunch there after shopping around Amcorp Mall. The food there sucked. We chose our submarine sandwiches (I think that's what they call them, correct me if I'm wrong), then sat down to savour the flavour. I had steak and cheese with cucumbers, tomatoes and BBQ sauce on Italian bread. All in all, 6/10 stars, but it is a little pricey.

We stayed up till around maybe 1+am, 'cause we all couldn't sleep. We watched Nim's Island and Bedtime Stories. I was supposed to accompany mum out to buy breakfast this morning, but she didn't wake me up. Grrr.. =x We then prepared to go check out, get some stuff from Giant near Daniel's, then straight to Daniel's place to drop CK. We made our way home, me falling asleep after a while 'cause I just couldn't keep my eyes open. =P

Got home, bathed, cleaned my piercings, cooked some pasta, packed my bag ready for Monday, and now here I am. =)