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Friday, November 27, 2009

Uncontented might be the word

It's been one whole week since the holidays started (for me anyway). A few friends and I started our holidays a little earlier with a little adventurous trip to Times Square. My helix has done fine dunring the first week, but it's still a little swollen (according to Sam =P). Tea tree oil before and after sleep, then disinfecting during my afternoon/evening bath, which has left my hair smelling of the disinfectant despite the shampooing and conditioning.

A few days back mum came home in an OK mood, but after she changed and came down to do her stuff, her mood hit near rock bottom. Apparently (I only knew today) that it was because my sis got a speeding ticket, but she couldn't have got that ticket 'cause at that time and date, she was in class. Sam's now asking a friend to help her get it settled in Penang. By the way, he's cooking tonight... XD

Godparents were supposed to come this morning, but yesterday mum suddenly called back (MX got the phone) and said they weren't coming back after all, 'cause godfather had some work to attend to. This morning woke up at 7+am (o.0) and tried to sleep till around 9.15am (mum said to be ready by 10am) and quickly got ready. I felt the slight temptation to slab on lots of eyeshadow like when I'm experimenting with the shadow palette while I was washing my face, but thought better of it... XD Instead just a little lash-curling and some mascara, plus some lipgloss.

Some perfume, grabbed my avies and some cash then waited as mum refilled the radiator. Grandma was supposed to be going for mahjong games at Cheras, but before we got out of the house she was already out of the house buying numbers. Mum found some grease-like substance on the engine casings (which aren't supposed to be there) and called a few people, among which were her mechanic, who said that the problem might be and air-conditioner pipe burst. She arranged for an appointment at Leong's Air Conditioners (in Puchong, by the way, give it a shot, really good place =D) the next morning. After a while of waiting and cat-watching (3 rather heavy-looking cats), grandma finally emerged from the crowd of morning-coffee drinkers.

We dropped her at Cheras, then went off to find a Shell station 'cause the 'tank empty' light was on. The nearest one (along the highway opposite Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station) was closed, so we had to go along the whole stretch of highway back to Seri Petaling. We set off to the city centre after that. Had lunch at Nando's before we started to do any shopping at all. How is it that chips aren't ready at 11+am 'cause the oil is not hot enough yet?!

We went in search of a boutique called Bilberry Fashion, where I got my new jeans (argh... I haven't got a photoshoot yet...) in search of more jeans... =__= We stopped at some deco shops on the search. We (CK & I) were mostly looking at bags, tote bags in particular. She needed one, I seriously craved one (it's a female thing... XD) There were lots and lots of'em, many of which were really nice. Unfortunately, I only brought RM25, and the bag I really, really liked (from Bilberry) was RM38.

Mum wasn't going to fork out on anything but clothes for me 'cause we already had bags, and since we didn't exactly give them good temperament, no new bags from her. There was a sale in Times Square where lots of tote bags were on sale (Yeani bought one) and saw a few that were really, really, really (x 9999) nice, and I had the cash, but then what would mum say if I suddenly came home late with a brand new bag? Surely I couldn't pass it off as a late birthday present (although it did happen at one point to some one), so I passed the opportunity. Since then, I've been bugging sis about that. XD

Anyway, they got a belt, some jeans and a nice ruffled halter neck top for my mum's colleague's wedding. I already have more than enough pairs of jeans (3 in total, actually), so why want more? We went around Petaling Street looking mainly at bags and more dressy dresses (oh, those beautiful shoes... ~>w<~), then waited for mum to buy some delicious spongerusks from Washington Cakehouse, got some lily bulbs (?) from an Indian who spoke perfect Cantonese and some flowers for decorating the altar.

Upon arriving home, mum arranged the flowers while CK took pictures of them. After that we showed mum Miss Q-Mar's vids and the Punjabi Bhangra version of Jingle Bells (seriously funny... XD). At around 5.30pm before I took my bath, I played around with the Elizabeth Arden shadow palette that Carol-san gave us and the Maybelline New York Tri-Colour Palette in Three Chocolate.

Waited for the maids to go home only did I start cooking my dinner (around 8pm) - Heinz Iron-Enriched Pasta Shaped with Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Potage. Kinda sickening, actually. Somehow the taste of Campbell's has become a little weird (to me). And although I cooked the pasta for 10+ minutes as per the instructions on the box, the pasta seemed a little undercooked. Lucky thing I wasn't cooking for CK and/or Sam, if not I'll have a handful of constructive criticisms thrown at me...

Hoping for more makeup tutorials on BlushBerry (I'll wait for Miss Haze to finish upgrading her blog =D) and Makeup Piggy .

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