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Saturday, November 7, 2009

One word - BORED

Despite the exam frenzy going on, I really repel studying. And thus, I'm bored to death at home, althought there is a little activity going on tonight - dinner with mum's friends. My life is sorta getting a little monotonous again... Grr... Now about my first time going to a cybercafe actually to use a PC, and my first time was alone. Yeah, this is pretty normal for most people, including OS 'cause she used to skip class to play. Anyways, payed for 2 hours, then was bored for the 2nd hour, 'cause MapleSEA's character page required a 2nd password to proceed. Grr... After that went to Mirasaa for roti telur and teh tarik, and ordered two thosai take away and a teh tarik for sis and her friend.

Sis has been wanting me to teach her how to do basic makeup for the past month (I think), but till now she hasn't given me the chance. She went for a dinner last night (using her laptop while she was gone), and came back with Sam, all lovey-dovey. I was curious, I thought she had her 'panda'. Anyway after a while she more or less explained that she broke up with 'panda'. Ogei...

Listened to some good classics last night - Celine Dion, Selena, Whitney Houston... Love them.

Please comment on my lame camwhore attemps... =x

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