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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pics... XD

Curry chicken Huang Di Mian from Nalanda Book Cafe. Jen Win, Qing Qing and I had this... ^^

This is jelly cheesecake. Biscuit base, cream cheese and a layer of strawberry jelly on top. See the heart? It's actually had cut skin of a strawberry!!

This is the little bugger that has been making me miss S'pore since she was born. =X

At my godmother's place. Natasha - my first cousin once removed (whatever that means)... XD

The girls... Friends for life... ^^

Mid-Autumn Night Party at school. Abby was there too... ^^

Yesterday's dinner - unfresh sushi from Central Hypermarket.

My new earrings. For now I haven't got a chance to wear them... XD

New shoes from Esarli. I liked the brown ones better, but they were out of stock... =X

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