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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Every thought counts

No chem today... YAY!! Lighter bag, but luckily Chinese period didn't extend till 1.40pm as it should have, so I didn't have to walk home. Thank God for that, 'cause it's raining really heavily...

Although my birthday was on Monday, the girls gave me their present on Wednesday. What was the present(s)? Let's see... A chocolate mirror disguised as a Cadbury Hazelnut bar and a Cadbury Hazelnut bar disguised as a chocolate mirror. The chocolate bar was finished before third period, by none other than Hin Ling, Sheau Hui, May Gel, Jen Win & moi... XD

Today was alright... Hin Ling brought a magazine and everyone was clambering for it... Made styrofoam snow again, this time all over Yean Chi and on Mun You's head... XD During Chinese class I got told off for my earring, then almost forgot about it (it was on my desk =x) When I got out of class (so coincidetally simultaneous with Wai Ming =x), I got my fifth birthday present. =)

Zynga games isn't loading for me, so I guess I'll try again later... XD

The handmade (most likely) birthday card from my aunt~

Here's Jen Win advertising Hsin Yiee's birthday present (almost a month late) - a banana arm rest~ XD

And lastly, Wan Qing's banana pencil case in Yean Chi's SanDisk portable fan box~ =x

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