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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Everything's gotta go slowly and smoothly right now, 'cause if it comes in a wave, there's no way I'll survive.

Since OS's digicam got stolen at school (please don't tell her yet, I'll tell her myself), I had to do something to compensate for my carelessness. I lost her 2GB SD card as well as her Casio Exilim digicam, and since she has a DSLR that only has a 256MB memory card, I thought I'd first get a 4GB SD card for her. Thus, the plan to go to MidValley... on a Friday... during schooling hours, which means - PONTENG!!

Unless you count the number of times I ponteng-ed my BM school tuition classes hanging within the school grounds, this is the first time I actually did this stuff. The previous night I asked for last minute confirmations. Ming wasn't going, MunYou said he'd consider it, and Natalie* was on the verge of saying no. Next morning went to school as usual, napped till 6.55am, then went out to wait for Natalie. Her dad dropped her off, then after making sure that her dad was gone, we headed to Maju where MunYou and a few of his friends were going to skip perhimpunan. After a long while of chit-chat, MunYou decided that he was going as since he didn't bring any clothes for change, we headed for his place first. Amazingly (to me), his mom was like, 'oh, you're home', and she was all smiles.

We waited for a taxi downstairs of his place, after he had changed into a shirt-and-jeans combo. I really should get myself a pair of jeans similar to his, 'cause they just look so cool... Anyway, got a taxi and headed straight to MV. Natalie and I changed upon arriving there, and it was nearly empty except for people heading for their offices. Since the shops were not yet open, we went over to The Gardens and hung around Starbucks. For a similar cup of cappucino in maybe Old Town, it only costed around RM5 tops; but not at Starbucks. The menu printed RM9.50, however plus tax and rounding, exactly RM10.

We sat around till almost 11am, then proceeded to the floor just above Little Penang to get the SD card. The first one I went to said the 4GB SD card (preferably SanDisk or Toshiba) was RM50. Next one I went to, 'sorry, we don't sell SD cards'. Next, RM49, good price, but there might be a better price somewhere else. The last one, the price looked good, but 'sorry, we're out of stock'. So I took the RM49/= one.

After that, headed to Jigsaw Puzzle World to get a Rubik's cube for Ming. After getting that and a visit to the bathroom to let Natalie change back into he uniform, then we went out to get a taxi back. It was raining. We went in the back way and waited till school's out. I got the add math's notes from Ming, got my bag and got on my bus. My grandma was quite surprised that I arrived home in my black TI:ZED T-shirt and jeans. I calculated the days expenses based on my notes and receipts.

TAXI - RM7.30 + RM8 + RM14.80 / 3 = RM30.10 / 3 = RM10.03
Total expenses
= RM93.90#

Saturday I woke up at around 10am, at around afternoon KiKi texted me to ask me whether I was going to have dinner with the girls. I was like, crap, I forgot. Anyway, I told her to give her my reply before 4pm. I asked directions from her and Qing, after a long time of negotiation with a few people, my mum was bringing the whole family out for dinner. We found the place easily after my mum asked for directions from her colleague. Next to PappaRich is a restaurant called 100'C. When I got there, they were already inside.

KiKi, her sis, Hui, her bro, Qing, XinYi, her bro, two of his pals, and me took up a ten seater table. We ordered our sets and soups, plus a few sides including cheesy garlicky escargots. Yum. From around 6pm we ate, played, took pictures, etc till 10pm. Quite a large amount of food was wasted, but we had fun. The bill came, RM301.90. KiKi and XinYi calculated each persons bill. I was short of RM5, but after calculating everything, they told me I didn't need to pay that RM5 since there was extra money left. They were planning to go somewhere else when my mum came and took me home.

So that's about it. Here are some music recommendations if you like rock and metal:
Gensoukyoku Eternal Silence - Phantasmagoria
Utakata - Kagrra
Uzu - Kagrra
Escapism - Antic Cafe
Defective Tragedy - the GazettE
Nausea and Shudder - the GazettE
Shout and Bites - Versailles

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