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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Career oppotunities? Not so much...

Talk at MICCOS at UPM about the career opportunities available if you attend UPM, something like that. Boring like sh!t... We mostly played with DSLRs and phones. Saw drifting that day, looked noob, but still cool. The food there kinda sucked, so I'm not saying...

Got scolded by mum by not telling her I was going a few highways away from school, but forgiven faster than I expected. She dropped Li Yen & me at The Store to get the ingredients to make a mocha chiffon cake. Fresh out of the oven, beautiful color, intoxicating aroma, but you could barely taste anything. I gotta find another coffee cake recipe for Ming next year... Practice makes perfect, Yen!!

Finally cleared the top of my desk and the papers in my file. Lots of junk. xP Washed my dog's cage and area while he's at the groomers'. After that, PC TIME!!! For some freakin' reason, I can't download MapleSEA Ep. 2... Everything is lagging like shit... Just checked out the 4 Fadil blog (, nice job, Khen Foi!!

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