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Monday, July 13, 2009


Of all the crushes I've had, this is by far the most 有缘 one I've had. I've dreamt of him around 5 times already, and just today my friend fetched me home, along with him! But fortunately for him, unfortunately for me, I got off barely 5 minutes after getting on. Oh well... And today was quite relaxing - our Civics teacher was absent, so we had 2 periods free, then most of the rest of the day, I was sleeping... Hehe...

I've asked a person on Youtube who posted a 'Funny J-Rock moments' video to introduce me to some good J-rock bands, he sent me the list but I never got round to experimenting with it. So the previous Saturday I used up some of my PC time to experiment. First I scanned the list for some attractive band names, some were familiar, like Gackt, Malice Mizer, hyde, etc. I decided to experiment with Versailles and Nightmare. The first impression that Versailles gave me was: OMG!!! They're so freakin' good! They're clothes were nice, their makeup was beautiful, and their music (although my girls will find it the worst of noise) absolutely crazily fantastic!! The songs from Versailles that I got so far are Revanant Choir, Aristocrats Symphony, Princess, Sympathia, and Shout & Bites.

Nightmare - I was actually expecting visual kei, but to me it was not visual kei at all, but very nice, light makeup... But their clothes are damn nice... The vocalist sports very nice contacts (so does the vocalist of Versailles, per se) and looks really like a high school student. And the music style is a little funky (in my opinion). So far I've got Tokyo Shounen, Dasei Boogie, Jashin to Bara, Jibun no Hana, Hate, and Dirty.

I'll go eat my lunch now... Bye!!!

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