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Saturday, July 25, 2009


So, it's been a week... Kinda boring, but very sweet for me. I've got the carnival pics tranferred into my miniSD, but got all my songs (and not to mention other pics) deleted. No worries, I've got backup in my home PC... xP

There was a Talent Hunt event going on at SMK Seri Saujana today from 9am-4pm. Miss Yap talked me into going and I paid RM5 for the entry ticket. This morning I woke up around 7.30am and got ready quickly to arrive at school. At around 8am, I had breakfast (or rather, I had breakfast while he only had a drink) with Mr Ming at the mamak next to the photocopy shop. Around 9am we finished up and returned to school.

I met up with Miss Yap and Miss Leow to walk to Saujana. We arrived there, gave our tickets for punching and got our arms stamped. We waited for Mr ZS Yap and Mr Fong at the other entrance and found a couple of nice places around the back. Played with each other's phones for a while (I brought my Nokia and BenQ-Siemens containing my Celcom and Hotlink numbers respectively) only to realize that the sound check was going to go on till 12pm. We got out, 'galavanted' a bit, then went back to Saujana to sit in the sun for around 2 hours.

I got my Hotlink number converted while waiting for Miss Yap and Miss Leow to get out of Blitzone. The guy at the counter was like, 'maybe today, or tomorrow or day after tomorrow'. I was like, '*nods~* thanks'. So I'll have to wait for around 24 hours for my DiGi SIM card to activate, 'cause it's bloody expensive to text my friends (particularly Mr Ming) who all use DiGi with a Hotlink number (15sen/SMS).

Unfortunately, the pic uploader or my card reader is malfunctioning right now, so the pictures I'll most likely post on my Facebook. Here are the few bands I've just discovered - SuG, Phantasmagoria, Versailles , D'espairsRay, Pierrot, Nightmare, Girugamesh and NoGoD. Really good J-rock... ^^ Some metal too, of course, just the way I like it.

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