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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I want to be like Uruha....

If you take your time to slowly see and interpret GazettE PVs, you'll see that the two persons that gets most of the camera space is Ruki (of course, he's vocalist) and Uru-san. Just search any GazettE PV on Youtube (especially 'Cassis', 'Filth in the Beauty' and 'Silly God Disco') and you'll faint at the way their fingers just fly over the chords!! .......................... Sorry... Guitar and Uru fanatic...

I've had lots of fun with Youtube and the GazettE lately. There are TONS of GazettE fanvids on Youtube. For example, the Hamster Dance fanvid. Very cute audio, very cute video cuts, and Uru-san just looks so good in a casual tank-and-jeans match... *nosebleed~* And the Poor Reita series. Not for minors, though. But if you're insane enough, you'd be dying of silent laughter. I'm the kind of persons who really goes insane over tiny stuff...

Watched a few movies lately, although not all new movies. First up, 'House Bunny'. I've noticed that Anna Faris rather likes to play roles that are rather awkward. But all in all 3.5 out of 5 stars. After that, 'Dance of the Dragon'. I like the story about someone trying to realize their dreams... 4 stars. After that, 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Very very good movie and understandable why it got 7 Oscars. 4.5 stars. 'Babylon AD', Vin Diesel and our very own Datuk Michelle Yeoh. Kinda like the Virgin Mary, but much more modern. 3 stars. There was one more movie, I just forgot what it was...

I have been picked out by the school's PBSM comittee as a member to represent the girls team in some kind of marching competition. A few days of my 10am wake was sacrificed to this. Exactly at 10am, I walk home 'cause mum's at work, sis's at work too. These days I've committed to waking up at approximately 10.30am, make and eat my breakfast, wait till around 1.30pm when my sis passes the PS2 to me and I play Final Fantasy X-2. Oh yeah, I've finally found the name of that soundtrack that I've liked so much. For those of you who do play, it's the instrumental right after the SQUARE ENIX scene, then if you press X then you go straight to the start game menu. It's also played at the start game menu, but it cuts the credits. The name of the instrumental - KUON: Memories of Waves and Light. Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Gonna watch Poor Reita now. Ciao!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Very very very very very busy day...

Alright, sorry I missed hundreds of blogs, but this one is long.

Yesterday was the school's gotong-royong perdana of the school. I was present because I had to compensate for my previous few years' absence. First thing we did was gather at the assembly grounds then Sze Hui found us photographers to brief us on that day's programmes. After the assembly, I went to the Editorial Board room for the briefing and a brief cleanup of the Editorial Bulletin board. After that, Sze Hui got me a camera - Wai Kit's, to be exact - and told me to go all over the school and snap pictures of the classes, etc cleaning up and decorating their classes. I went through the whole school 4 times and stopped at the EB room 5 times. At around 10.30am, I joined the girls at the front of Block A to help them a bit with the painting. Throught the process, I dirtied my hand, hair and a very minute bit of my shoe. After another little while of painting, we went to change out of our school clothes and into mall clothes as we were going to Mid Valley for 2 movies and some shopping.

We waited outside for the guys - Handsome Club - and since the designated bus left while we were waiting, we resorted to taking the taxi there. Three people including me, it costed only RM10++. We got there, met up with the other girls who got there first at Guardian then proceeded to KFC for a quick lunch as we were already quite late. I had a Meltz combo, which costed RM8.80, but with the government tax RM9.25. We proceeded immediately to the McDonald's near the cinema to meet up with the rest of the gang. Kenneth had collected the money from us and had bought the tickets in advance. Hong Shi shuffled the tickets and had us pick the tickets. The first movie we watched was 'Kungfu Chefs' starring Sammo Hung and Vanness Wu. I was seated beside Hong Shi and on my right, well, he's stranger with his girlfriend. The movie was nice, quite funny, especially with Vanness's funny acts.

After the movie everyone was freezing. We made a trip to the loo and on the way to FOS, we went to look in almost all the shops on the way. We stopped at Mamae, tried on a few hats, at various places, trying caps and sunglasses, but only Kenneth bought a pair. We got to FOS, and the girls went on to looking at accessories and such. Suddenly, everyone proceeded to the fitting rooms to see Daniel trying on a shirt which looked exactly like the shirt Kenneth was wearing, except that Kenneth was wearing a pink one and Daniel was trying on a red one. After that, we had a short photography session at the floor directory in front of FOS. All of us, except Kok Ken (he looked quite emo, and I think it was because he slept late the previous night and was quite sleepy), had our pictures taken. After that, Hong Shi distributed the tickets again. This time, Hsin Yiee was sitting on my left and Kenneth on my right.

We proceeded to the cinema again. Before we went in, some of us went to the concession booth to get some popcorn and drinks. I got a large iced lemon tea, RM3.30++. We went in, and as us girls stopped for drinks, everyone else were in their seats and I think I squished everyone's toes in the process of moving to my seat. We watched 'Marley & Me', cried at the end, then proceeded once more to the loo, then we, Sheau Hui, Ann Li, Yean Chi, Hsin Yiee and I, made our way home by KTM. We missed the first one as we went to the wrong platform, and while waiting, my mobile boyfriend called me and said that he was at Mid Valley also, but he was already shopping then. The commuter came and was packed with people. A security guard had to help with squeezing the passengers into the commuter. After a few stops we arrived at the Bandar Tasik Selatan station. From there, we got a ticket to the Bukit Jalil LRT station. Waited for the train then made our way back. We arrived at the station and Hsin Yiee's dad gave us a lift back home. Since my family was having dinner at the hotpot restaurant that we loved so much - Tasty Hotpot Restaurant, a definite recommendation - Hsin Yiee's dad dropped me off there. I had my dinner, then we went home.

While bathing, I almost fell asleep as I had slept at 2am the previous night and woke up at 6.40am, approximately 4 and a half hours later and had no naps in between. what should have been just a lie down to wait for my hair to dry then my night crunches, became the sleep of a pig. Really, I slept like a log till around 11am in the morning. Just as I got up, my left eye was aching... Mum said it was probably because of the 2 nearly consecutive movies in a row the previous day. Suggested that I rest my eyes, then proceed to whatever I was doing. I napped till around 2pm when my grandmother waked me to help her with the TV as she was not familiar with the almost new LCD TV. As I was walking downstairs, my dog peed on a dining chair and got a whacking and half hour lockup big time. I've had my dinner - flavoured rice, my grandmother's weekend special - and had my sister remind me unintentionally that it was Hoe Jun's birthday - 1st March.

Total expenses:
= Movies RM22
= Iced Lemon Tea RM3.50++
= Lunch RM10++
= Transport - Taxi RM10++
-KTM Komuter RM1
-LRT RM0.70