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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Endless story

The exams are gone, so are the teachers when we're at school. Somehow they're just gone, right after the exams. Not all of them anyway. First day Monday was our Headmistress' official retirement ceremony, and since I've seen the schedule for the ceremony (most of the performances would be noisy and not entertaining) so I decided to skip the bloody thing. Second day was quite boring, my friend and I discussed about certain topics. My other friend was absent. The others were doing a last minute confirmation on who'll be going to Genting Highlands. I brought up the subject at dinner and my mum just said no since they were going on school days.

The third day was dreadful. Everyone who was to go to Genting Highlands went there, a few just skipped because they knew that there would be almost no one. So it was down to only me, out of our whole 'girl gang' which consisted of about half the girls in class, who was present on those two boring days. Usually with the girls around, I'll be chatting, discussing about things, reading magazines, etc., but without them around, I was a loner, a real loner. Since I wasn't too friendly with the other girls who were present (please note that some of them have really high noses, really annoying and are disliked by quite a few people, but I'm not saying who they are), I brought along a book ('I, Cleopatra') and three comics ('Jigoku Shoujo') in case I got bored with the book, and an old almost unused note book to write the script of my story (will be posted in my other blog page,, so only the character list has been posted) if I get bored with the book and the comics. I also brought my phone and headphones to listen to while I sleep. xP The fourth day was about the same, but our Arts teacher summoned us to his art studio to finish the name tag/key ring we started to make earlier this year. Since I hadn't the girls with me, of course my face would be expressionless. Then our Arts teacher asked me, 'Are you afraid of me, or do you not like me?' He turned to the other girls then said 'Because I can't interpret her face.'

Friday finally came. Everyone was back at school (thank God). All were present except one of the girls, who thought that it wasn't necessary to go to school anyway, so she skipped. Saturday, my mum started her two hour journey to Malacca to attend a wedding dinner at 4pm, while my sister went for a birthday party. While waiting for them to come home, my sister and I watched movies and surfed the Net. Well, I woke up at about 10am this morning, which is really early considering the fact that I usually wake up at noon on weekends and holidays. I had my breakfast, then watched a bit of TV. While everyone was doing something else, I conquered the PS2. I played Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition, finished my races but I still have bounty and milestones to get. At about 3pm, I let my sister take over while I made French toast and croutons. For some reason almost every piece of French toast that I made today had an uncooked center, so it was kinda disgusting, but still passable. After that I took a nap on the sofa downstairs, woke up at about 6pm to help my sister a teeny bit with dinner. My mum was to go out for a wedding dinner, so my sister made black pepper pork chops served with whipped potato and bread with onion soup topped with croutons. Everything was deeeeelicious, except for the croutons in the soup which she cut up too large in size, so the bread soaked up the soup and was all soggy.

That's it for now. See ya next week.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

PMR came and went...


I know that I have missed a teeny article, but it'll all be compensated for here. The PMR exams which is the BIG exam for the Form 3s every year (this year it's the 2008 Form 3s (?)). The week before the exams, there were almost no teachers around, and everyday at the daily assembly were words of threat and encouragement to try our best to get full As. Dunno which day of the week they gave aus a piece of paper that contained four columns: one column stating the aspects needed, and the other three were for the teachers to sign if they think we fulfilled the required aspects. This piece of paper was to be handed in on Friday to get our PMR slip (to let us get into the exam hall), so almost everyone was really tensed. But amazingly some teachers were really nice, they just did a quick scan of your attire, gave a couple of comments then just signed it...
Because the exams were coming, my mom more or less fully restricted me from the TV and PC (and that's exactly why I missed an article). I did my revision, but it was just going through the pages of the book, stopping only when I find something that I haven't memorized yet. The whole week was not all study and no play, our class held a small party to give thanks to the teachers who had taught us for the whole year and also to wish ourselves good luck in our PMR. Many of us each made some food. My friend and I divided the work and made custard pudding enough for 60 people. I used lots of eggs, milk and sugar (for the egg mixture and for the 60 pax of syrup FOR the pudding). On that day, lots of us made really nice food: really crunchy nuggets, very nice Milo cake, green curry chicken (I think), a huge pot of curry and 2 watermelons, scrubbed and chopped, and lots more. One of my classmates made a really nice longan drink which was cool and refreshing, not to mention good for the body. I made quite some videos from the whole event.
The next day, which was Friday, the school held a 'majlis restu' (?) (I think it's a kind of ceremony to wish certain people good luck in whatever event) for us (2008 Form 3s). There were speeches by certain teachers. After the whole thing we were given our slips and a set of stationary. My friend was oblivious of the fact that if she didn't have the slip she would not be able to take the exam and she seemed quite relaxed about it. Only after school did she come and instead of knowing where she went wrong, she just went about looking for the teachers in charge so that she could get her slip, really calmly. Well, the few following days I spent studying my Maths and Science.

During the exam week, everyone in a rather calm state instead of being so stressed out that they went insane. The first day was Bahasa Malaysia Paper 1 and 2. It was rather difficult but I managed to pass that. After the day I wanted to go out to the nearby mamak for lunch, but then I was informed that my mom didn't go to work, so I had to go home as soon as the exam finished. The second day was English and Science and there was an hour's recess between Science Paper 1 & 2. During that hour of recess, I accompanied my friend to buy lunch. Since I was hungry and the stall which has my favourite tom yam noodles didn't open, I got myself a Hainanese chicken rice. The whole week went alright, except for the incident where I think he got food poisoning, a classmate of mine threw up right after he finished his paper.
As for HIM, he's getting cuter and cuter. On the last day, Friday, with my mom's permission, I went to Carrefour to get my ears pierced, again. I had two on my right ear and one on my left. Now just add one more to each ear. It was really nerve racking, but overall it was OK. Before we set off on the journey under the blazing hot Sun, I had a blazing hot bowl of curry noodles. Extremely deelish. On Saturday morning, my godparents came down from Singapore. They brought along my godfather's guitar. When they arrived, my godmother informed us that my godfather was going to Cameron Highlands to visit an avocado farm. After confirming with a few things, my mom decided to take us there as well. We made our way there following my godfather's friend's car. When we got up there all we did was drive around the mountain, stopping at a small coffee shop for lunch and a small shop halfway up the mountain for some souvenirs and for my godfather's friends to meet up with another family with three really cute sons... They then set off looking for the avocado farm, us and the family with three cute sons tagging along all the way. As we stopped in the middle of a construction site where they were constructing the road and my head throbbing from the winding and bumpy roads and lack of sleep, my godfather found that since there was not much business from the avocados, all the trees were chopped down and there is no more avocado farm. My head went through unneeded torture. At about 3pm, we (my two sisters, my mom, my godmother and me) made our way home. When we reached the outskirts of the city, we stopped at an R&R. We had an A&W Root Beer Float each. Then we continued our journey home to a warm, delicious dinner.
The next morning I woke up at 9am to go shopping at Mid Valley Megamall, our family's favourite mall. We went there for about 3 hours, shopping all the way. I got myself a denim jacket (RM39.00). After lunch and a McFlurry, we went home, getting my birthday cake as well. After a while of dallying, my godfather finally came back and we quickly cut the cake as my uncle's wife's sister was waiting for them to go for steamboat dinner. After eating the cake, my godfather taught my some basics for the guitar, and it's much harder than I thought. It'll take me a really long time to get to Miyavi's or even HYDE's level.

So, that's it. I'm not listening to anything right now because everyone else in the house is asleep.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, it's the holidays already... I've watched my DVD that I bought from Times Square, which actually proved as a pirated version because after leaving it in the open for a few days, it was all Lego-pixels and such, so we couldn't watch the last episode. The holidays were mundane, wake up, wash face, watch TV, feed dog, etc... The normal things you would do on a boring day with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Only recently did I start with my studies. Science mostly, as the big exam is only a few days away. That's it for now.

Ps. Does anyone know what going on when your computer just doesn't play audio from multimedia windows or sites such as Youtube, etc.? Game sound effects are fine, but video or music audio just won't play. Anyone have a solution for this problem?