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Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Entry to my Daily Life

He spoke to me for the first time on my life!! Yeah, I sound crazy, but the 'he' I'm referring to is the guy I've been having a crush on for the whole year, and yes, I haven't told him my feelings yet, although almost the whole class (including the boys) knows about it.

My sister borrowed a Taiwanese drama DVD called 'Bull Fighting' 《斗牛要不要》. Something like the normal drama, but with much more detail (to me anyway), and also quite funny. Starring HEBE from SHE, Mike He 贺军翔 and Lee Wei 李威. Really funny and touching, and it also tells us to pay attention to the feelings of those who are around us and treasure your family. From this drama, I got to know a few really good songs, of course, including the really nise upbeat slightly rock and pop opening theme named after the drama itself, and the ending theme, called 《你最近还好吗》, a song usually played at the rather touching and sad parts, and also a song makes me want to cry everytime I hear it. My favourite character in this drama is Jin Zicong 金子聪, the main female character's childhood friend and something-like-a-bodyguard, yet he was actually in love with her. She meets Shen Ruohe 沈若赫, a star basketball player of the TRIO representing East Sun Institute and they fall in love with each other unexpectedly. As a protective 'brother' to her, Zicong follows her wherever she goes, and also witnesses heartbreaking moments which are moments where Ruohe and Yi Shengxue 伊胜雪 (the female main character) goes for dates, and also the moments when Ruohe fulfills Shengxue's wishes (Spicy Sweet and Sour fish, which Shengxue should not eat because she has asthma and is prohibited from eating spicy food) a step faster than himself (went to see Aunt Polo, which gave him advice on fighting for his own love and giving him a spicy sweet and sour fish recipe that looks spicy but is not spicy). But in the end, he gave up on Shengxue seeing that she and Ruohe were so deeply in love with each other and had went through so many obstacles just to be together. He ended up falling in love with Ruohe's original fiancee, He Qianna 贺千那 (originally a forced marriage to save Ruohe's father's company). This drama makes me feel a little lonely, although I do have many wonderful girl friends who support me and give me indirect motivation everyday. The characters were so courageous in expressing their feelings, and yet I can't even summon up enough courage to talk and make friends with my crush (yeah, I know, he's not my true love). How I hope I'll meet the one I love and can spend the rest of my life with soon.

INJECTION TIME!!! I thought after the BCG and dunno-what other injections, there'll be no more of them unless you have a certain kind of illness. One day, they started calling the Form 3 students to change into PE uniform. Fortunately or unfortunately, my class was the last class on the form to get our injections. On Thursday, it was our turn. I was rather terrified and rather reluctant to go for it. As I had entered the hospital because of a low platelet count incident, I have rather bad memories with needles. All I remembered was lots of nose-bleeding and a little girl who let me play with her toy cooking set together. Under these 'circumstances', boys go first. All the guys say it's no big deal, just like the ordinary kind of injections. First, they measured your blood pressure. Then they test your eyesight. Then they sit you down and give you a card for this whatever shot. Seeing all the sterilized needles in the tin was really scary. When it was my turn, I turned my head around, closed my eyes tightly and waited for the pain. The nurse applied the painkiller, then inserted the needle. That wasn't so bad compared to the time when she injected the whatever into my arm. I didn't know it was over until she told me it was. I was shaking when I got off the stool.

I've just had a very stupid exam today. From what the person from the Ministry of, I dunno, exams? (Lembaga Peperiksaan) it's an exam to see how prepared you are for the upcoming BIG exam (PMR), but only for the subjects History and Geography, and it's only for selected people! Some of them are those with spectacular results, getting As in almost everything. The rest of them are those who are quite bad at the two subjects, including me who had failed both of them once before. Well, my results haven't been very good for the past year and the BIG exam is coming up, and yet I'm still watching dramas and surfing the Net, looking for pictures of my new 'idols'. I think I'll end up with only 3 As, which will lead to disaster. Well, that's all for this week's entry. See you next week.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Although the URL sounds really nice (kinda anyway), I'm kinda crazy. I've just started blogging, and I've lots to learn. This blog will be mostly about my very mundane and boring life, and I'm doing this because I like typing and I'm usually very bored although I have rather many online games to choose from on my PC. xP So, my time's restricted today, 'cause it's a weekday and I'm not supposed to use the PC at all, so I'll continue this weekend and the other following weekends. I'll be very happy if I could meet some Miyavi, Gackt, HYDE (lead singer of L'Arc~en~Ciel), Jiro Wang of Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit and/or Danson Tang (Taiwanese artiste/actor). So, that's its for now. Farewell! Sayonara! Goodbye! Adios!